Summer News at Saint Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church

"Fools for Christ" Clown Camp at Saint Francis of Assisi Kids from age 6-up are welcome to attend the 8th annual "Fools for Christ" arts camp on July 30, 31st and August 1, 2, at Saint Francis of Assisi Church.

This delightful and active week of theater games and sacred art ends in a performance on the evening of Thurs. Aug. 2 . Kids will learn physical comedy, clowning, songs, prayer. This year's camp will be led by Leslie Carson, long-time theater arts teacher directs the fun and Michael Lara, Religious Education Director at Saint Francis provides catechesis through music. "Fools for Christ" meets from 5:00-8:15, Monday through Thursday evening.

To register pick up a registration form in the vestibule of the church or pastoral center and return it A.S.A.P. or by July 29th. Cost is $25 per family but fee can be waived. Families sign up to bring in a snack and beverage to share for 1 night. Six-year olds need to be accompanied by an older sibling or adult. If you have any questions please contact Michael Lara at the Pastoral Center 805-524-1306.

(The camp is also looking for High School and College age

counselors who enjoy fooling around with kids!)


Journey Around the World and Deep into the Faith

“Experience the “Most Vivid Catechism Ever Created”*



In this weeks episode, Father Barron masterfully correlates the Catholic Faith’s testimony to the revelation of God in Christ with the vivid practices of reverence offered to his Mother. Mary is explained as “an on-going presence, an actor in the life of the Church.” Father Barron journeys to the humble remains of Mary’s house in Nazareth, to the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus and to the great Marian shrines of Lourdes and Guadalupe to explain the Church’s teachings about Mary as the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception and the dogma of the Assumption. Father Artur, will present this exciting course on Sunday afternoon from 3 to 4:30PM at Saint Francis of Assisi Church, 1048 W. Ventura Street. Everyone is Welcome to attend !

Mr. Michael A. Lara, D.R.E.
Saint Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church "a rest stop for the soul"
1048 W. Ventura Street Fillmore, CA. 93015

Telephone (805) 524-1306 ext. 17


That hope is deceitful which hopes to be saved amid the occasions of sin. St. Augustine