The two Fillmore residents who fled from police before being apprehended for suspicion of theft; the ones who left their 4-year-old daughter rolling through the parking lot in a shopping cart (which was nearly struck by a car), should get 10 years in prison. Where do such people come from?
On another negative topic, it’s about time somebody did something about reckless truck drivers coming and going from the water treatment construction site. The stretch of C Street from River to Hwy. 126 has become a dusty speedway. I watched a belly dump driver shoot through a red light at the intersection of C and 126 this a.m. (Wednesday) while a CHP vehicle was stopped on 126 at C. I don’t know whether the truck driver was cited or not, but the foreman I later spoke with on the site refused to give me his card, his name, or the company he worked for (W.M. Lyles Co.?) telling me that he wasn’t about to “throw his sub-contractors [cowboys from Bakersfield I’m told] under the bus” for doing what “everyone else does”. This is a serious public health and safety issue, i.e. speeding trucks and a filthy, dusty road. This is the first complaint I have ever had against anything going on at the construction site.