Several months ago I wrote in defense of two of our police officers who had to kill two pit bulls. They had gotten out of their fenced yard, ran wild in the streets, chasing at least three people, including a young girl and an elderly man (who narrowly escaped into his house before one of the dogs charged at his front door).
One deputy was charged and had to shoot the dogs. I was criticized for that opinion.
This week I read that a 5-year-old Simi Valley girl was killed in a pit bull attack.
I know there are many fine, gentle, trustworthy pit bulls around, but their propensity to attack is beyond dispute. The problem lies with criminal breeders, often breeding fighting dogs, and completely irresponsible owners who breed them to sell the pups to anyone. The breed has been ruined.
Grief at learning of such a beautiful little girl so savagely killed is beyond expression. Special, draconian laws need to be passed to control this dangerous animal. Owners and breeders of these dogs should be treated by the law as though they have charge of wolves, which can attack without warning.
I have to confess that I see Barack Obama as the greatest interior threat to American security ever in my lifetime.
His reputation for a close, life-long association with the most vicious racists like the “reverends” Louis Farrakhan and “Father Phlegm” Pfleger, with admitted (and unrepentant) terrorist Bill Ayers, and anarchists, communists and a long string of other dangerous people, precedes his status as the single most extreme liberal in the US Senate. He is to me like a packaged product straight from the smoky prophesies of the Book of Revelation. We are just beginning to learn about whom he really is, and he is, for all we know to date, a very scary person with many equally scary friends.
I am so thoroughly disgusted with American politicians and politics that I’m beginning to believe that, should he actually win the presidency, this country is well deserving of the political horror he will certainly unveil.
Psychotic Jihadists, Chinese Communists, Russian criminals, Muslim terrorists, and home-grown racists, traitors and anarchists, will coalesce into a perfect storm of military, civil, and financial chaos if President Obama becomes an historical fact.
Yeah, I know. Sounds pretty wild, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t make it less true.
God save our Supreme Court! But, He won’t without your vote for John McCain.