Congratulations to Chappy Morris and Wm. L. Morris Chevrolet entering the 80th year of service to the Fillmore community. Parts and service for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles are now available at the Ventura Street facility. Stop by the Mr. Goodlunch Cafe while you’re there.
The financial catastrophe America is going through will hurt most of us for years to come. What I find outrageous, besides the Wall Street thieves and their multi-billion dollar (continuing) perks, is the way Obama is blaming McCain and the Republicans for this fiscal debacle. While both parties are to blame, McCain and other responsible Republicans tried repeatedly to warn of the sub-prime threat and offered bills to correct the problem.
Ironically, those Democrats affecting absolute denial of responsibility for the calamity are the very ones most guilty. Senator Chris Dodd, and (Massachusetts’ most celebrated sodomite, SEE Barney Frank, have profited for years from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and stopped remedial action. Frank even had an affair with some Fannie Mae guy in years past. Talk about a conflict of interest!
However, the facts are finally being made available in the media for all to hear and understand. Even President Clinton has now come clean about who bears most responsibility for the sub-prime scandal, which triggered the Wall Street and credit collapse.
The nation is finally beginning to ask “Who is this guy Barack Obama, anyway?” We are learning he is a dangerous man with decidedly dangerous and subversive friends.