Well, once again, I’ve been bullied into a 180-word space on page 2.
The only Fillmore City Council candidate I can wholeheartedly endorse is our Mayor, Steve Conaway. Although I have strongly disagreed with several of his decisions, in my opinion his presence on the Council is necessary to preserve a common sense approach to city government.
Steve has a good business head, a solid understanding of the issues, and has proven to be fair, open-minded, honest, and decisive. He is also a great communicator. You may disagree with some of his votes, but no one has trouble understanding his reasons. Steve is the glue holding the Council together during fractious times.
On the other hand, his vocal opposition is often outrageously disrespectful and grossly misleading in its criticism – as it often is towards our former City Manager, Roy Payne.
Though I supported Measure H and I in the beginning, I now see they were (as previous Measures) carelessly drafted and, if passed, will cost Fillmore many millions of dollars in lawsuit damages. Vote NO on Measures H and I.