Congratulations are due to our Sheriff’s deputies for the exceptional success they have had during the past two weeks. Two particular incidents are noteworthy: the arrest of a 17-year-old house burglar in north Fillmore and the arrest, following a lengthy foot pursuit, of another burglar and his accomplice. In both cases very quick response at multiple levels made the difference. Fillmore is lucky indeed to have such a dedicated force on hand.
Many thanks to the League of Women Voters for another of their typically professional candidate forums. The Gazette was pleased to have been a small part of Tuesday evening’s event. A great effort was also undertaken by Bill Bartels, Bill Herrera, and Patrick Maynard, with sound and camera details.
After observing Tuesday’s candidate forum I have to add two more endorsements to the Gazette’s endorsement of Mayor Steve Conaway. All candidates are good citizens, and most are capable of undertaking the duties of a city council member. I mean that sincerely.
However, at a time in Fillmore’s history, when it is involved in multiple and very costly and complex projects, we must have council members with business experience and a clear understanding of immediate and long term goals.
Despite my many condemnations and objections to actions taken by Cecilia Cuevas over the years, and because of the unusual number of office-seekers this year (which will inevitably make a tight race even more unpredictable) I have to endorse her for another term on the council. I also think that Norris Pennington’s experience makes him another best choice.
I still believe strongly in slow growth and remain opposed to high density, three-story dwellings, and narrow streets. However (there’s that “however” again) it is a fact that Measures ‘H’ and ‘I’ are much too late and too poorly drafted to save north Fillmore in the way they were designed to do.
I also have to accept the professional legal opinion of city counsel when it warns that approval of Measures ‘H’ and ‘I’ will trigger multiple lawsuits against the city – suits that the city will lose, costing the general fund many millions of dollars. For these reasons I must endorse Mayor Steve Conaway, Council Member Cecilia Cuevas, and candidate Norris Pennington – and vote NO on Measures ‘H’ and ‘I’. Any other vote on the Measures would be dangerously irresponsible.
In the interest of full disclosure, I am bound to inform readers that my endorsements, and $2.50, will get you an Americano at Starbucks.
With less than two weeks remaining until Election Day things look pretty grim for Senator McCain.
This nation has, in an unprecedented way, lurched to the Left – so far to the Left in fact that it is in danger of collapse. I truly believe that McCain can still win, but it will take a miracle, which is always possible, with enough persistent prayer.
The media (with the exception of talk radio and FOX News) in a most shameful way has lost all credibility. They had almost nothing to begin with, but what they had is now lost. I agree that 2008 was the year the media died as a source of objective information. They have become nothing short of a cheerleading crew for the liberal Democratic Party.
The word “prayer” always sparks cynical response in the media, but for a Christian there can be no other intelligible way to go – especially when, as this year, the foundations of this Judeo-Christian nation are being undermined.
I confess that I have trouble determining just what “Christian” is today, with more than 40,000 denominations each claiming to hold the exclusive truth. Next week, all I can do is appeal to the broadest segment of this billion and a half member body, to adhere to basic guidelines like the 10 Commandments and the Gospels.
Next week I will try to make my argument as to why a Barack Obama and his legion of radical Lefties will bring this nation to its knees.
In the few words left to me this week I will just say:
Obama wants women to register for Selective Service; Refuses to protect the lives of babies who survive abortions; but most serious of all, Barack Obama has had only the most vicious, racist, anti-American mentors since he was 12-years-old – and what he didn’t learn earlier, he soaked-up in the criminal Chicago environment, which the media refers to as “the capital of Black America,” the haunt of Louis Farrickan.
Yeah, I know, it all sounds so terribly racist, doesn’t it? But, I have to ask, what would you call a phenomenon where 98 percent of the American black electorate will vote for Obama?