This is the last opportunity I will have to endorse particular Measures before Election Day. My primary concern is focused on two issues: the killing of unborn babies through abortion (48 million since the abominable Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade) and the preservation of the sanctity and dignity of marriage, which can only be between one man and one woman in a Judeo-Christian culture. The first recognizes the universal truth that human life begins at conception; the second simply seeks to defend the definition of the word “marriage” as it has been recognized from time immemorial.
Both of these issues affect the very foundation of human life and society.
In recent years homosexuals enjoy virtually the same legal rights as married couples. Extending legal recognition of these relationships to be indistinguishable and equivalent to the traditional heterosexual married state corrupts and destroys the latter. It will force churches, for example, to perform marriage ceremonies which would be blasphemous – not unlike forcing a Christian church to offer sacrifice to a pagan idol. Schools would also be subject to treating homosexual “marriages” as protected and normal educational material for the education of our children (as has already happened in Massachusetts, where a father was recently arrested for attempting to protect his five-year-old son from exposure to a same-sex school book). California has already approved this Measure by an overwhelming number, only to be (once again) overturned by our corrupt California Supreme Court. Vote YES on 8. Make the sanctity of marriage a part of our constitution.
Also, vote Yes on Measure 9, to give warning to victims of crime.
I had hoped to write a longer column in support of Senator McCain. Regretfully, it must be shorter.
My reasons for voting for Senator McCain can be expressed in short order: He is a man of strong and proven good character. He has always put his country ahead of personal ambition. And, he is the only man in the world today who can save America from the most powerful, seductive, and insidious evil we have ever encountered – namely, Barack Obama and the cloud of deceitful, hateful, and dangerously anti-American mentors, friends, and subversives that surround him.
There is no doubt about Obama’s oratorical skills. He is a poised, talented speaker. He is also the product of lifelong associations with Islamists, communists, socialists, terrorists, convicted felons, and racists. This is not conjecture, this is historical fact. Unfortunately, the American voter is just now discovering these facts which have been so adroitly concealed by Barack Obama and his stealthy associates.
Writing something, at this late date, about the imminent disaster that awaits this nation if Obama is elected president, is a little like walking into the main control room of a nuclear power plant and finding Homer Simpson alone at the steaming controls. Does one shout out a warning – or just run like hell?
Let me shout: ACORN! William Ayers! Rashid Khalidi! Bernardine Dohrn! Weathermen – and 300 bombings! Muhammad Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid (from Pakistan)! Felon “Tony” Rezko, seed money (of Syria)! Nadhmi Auchi (Iraqi-born)! Robert Malley (Hamas)! Valerie Jarrett, advisor (Shiraz, Iran)!
Barack (changed name from Barry) refers to Christians as “People of the Book” – an Arab reference. He slips about “My Muslim faith...” For 20 years he has attended a church that preaches the most virulent racism and black nationalism, headed-up by the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright.
There is nothing in the background of Barack Obama that does not spell danger for this nation. The thought of voting him in as Commander In Chief of the American armed forces is frightening. The thought of having Obama make 3,000 federal appointments is as well. If Obama names two or three Supreme Court Justices, and controls both houses of Congress – it is game over.
Pray that this most liberal of all Senators, most aggressive of pro-abortion members, and most pro-Islamic of candidates fails in his attempt to become President of the United States. As they should say in Chicago, pray early and often!