Well the elections are over. Conservatives were pretty much wiped out on both the federal and local level. I am resigned to what I believe will be a chaotic, if not catastrophic outcome.
Slightly more than 51 percent of the American electorate voted for Barack Obama, assuring that the next four years will see the virtual destruction of what remains of our traditional Judeo-Christian foundation.
At the most fundamental level, our Constitution with its clear limitations on governmental power will be ignored. New, unprecedented “rights” will be created by liberal jurists, Supreme Court justices in particular, which will loose the most infamous and diabolical influence against traditional American mores ever before witnessed. Decades of painstaking effort by traditionalist individuals and organizations to preserve the moral character of our society will be dashed out.
Increased attacks against the Christian religion will be encouraged in the courts. Protection for millions more of unborn children will be stifled. Within the first four years of Obama’s presidency another five to six million unborn infants will be butchered.
I predict Obama’s first four years will bring this nation to its knees. Our military strength will be further degraded through the radical, politically correct agenda of the Obama administration. No segment of our society will escape the unfettered desires of the most radically liberal administration in this nation’s history.
First Amendment rights, especially with talk radio, will be buried. Second Amendment rights will again be attacked, despite recent court decisions finding the keeping and bearing of arms to be a personal rather than collective right.
Illegal immigration will be anointed with amnesty, adding multiple millions of new Democratic voters to the lists. This will have the effect of completely destroying our two-party system.
“Change” is indeed upon us. We have chosen to change Gods, from a Judeo-Christian God who has blessed this nation above all, to the gods of Mammon, sexual deviancy, racial hatred, and all that naturally follows this course.
I sincerely believe nothing now will avert the chaos which will inevitably follow – and soon.