When I hear President Elect Obama announce nominations for the country’s most important jobs, when he does so from behind his freshly painted “Office of the President Elect” sign (there is no such office), I confess I get the shivers – shivers of fear. I see an utterly clueless and inexperienced little boy, who has just been elevated to the positions of Commander in Chief and Chief Executive Officer of the greatest and most powerful nation on earth.
His first duty as head of our armed forces is to defend America against attacks by its numerous deadly and determined enemies. His second (arguably first) most important duty, as chief executive, is to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States.
But Mr. Obama is without military experience of any kind. I don’t think he was even in the Boy Scouts. Neither has he had executive experience; he has never participated in a business enterprise of any kind. He needs many experienced people to point to the decisions he should take, for example, after we experience a conventional, nuclear, biological, radiological, or combination of same, terrorist attack.
So who does he nominate to be America’s Secretary of State? Hillary Clinton – who has no background whatever in dealing with foreign nations (that will be Bill’s job). Who does he nominate to be Secretary of Homeland Security? Janet Napolitano – who, as Governor of Arizona, is just now learning the importance of border control (which will be abandoned anyway).
It’s past time for Americans to double-check their emergency supplies – you know, water, food, radio, flashlight – and maybe a little cash if you can find some.