Yesterday's city council meeting divulged a lot of good news. The city is growing, fast. New homes and projects are popping-up all over the place. We have made truly extraordinary progress during the past two years. That means we have a great council working smoothly with highly competent city management. Congratulations to both.


Oh, by the way - did I tell you that a great war will be with us shortly, much bloodier than any we have fought since WWII.

It's the war that Islam has prayed for since the year 332 a.d., the war to subdue the non-Muslim world on every continent. Islam, as it is practiced in virtually every Muslim country, demands every non-Muslim to do one of two things; convert to Islam or pay a protection tax, like the Mafia uses. There are certainly millions of peace loving Muslim people in the world; but they are a small minority of the billion and a half true believers. Besides, peaceful Muslim people, the vast majority, are frightened silent about Sharia atrocities. Or, as Brigitte Gabriel has reminded us, "Peaceful Muslims are irrelevant".

Let's pay closer attention to the military activities of our enemies, Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and ISIS. With the present exception of ISIS, each has nuclear arms, and Iran, thanks to Obama, will soon join the club. Each is working at warp speed to improve its weapons, in quality and quantity. China and Russia have their anti-aircraft missiles, anti-satellite missiles, new atomic drone submarines with atomic torpedoes capable of traveling supersonic underwater, etc.

All we hear about US nuclear forces is poor maintenance, aging missiles, and bad morale. We are about to be trounced. Over the past 7 years Barack Obama has rendered our armed forces nearly frivolous, with aging equipment, major problems with forced integration of women in combat units, and the depletion of troop numbers. Only the stellar performance of our fighting men keep us in the game. The integration of women is a powerful negative force, a serious disincentive for enlisted men, as are openly gay, transsexual, tri-sexual, and quadrasexual personnel.