It's great to see that our old neon-highlighted "Fillmore" sign at Central and Hwy. 126 has been refurbished. It was made a landmark back in the 90s.


The Obama administration is succeeding at an ever faster pace in its efforts to give back to the Sharia Islamists everything that our warriors fought, bled, and died for in the Middle East. Through his shameful weakness in the face of the enemy Obama has also energized and facilitated Czar Putin's aggressive megalomania. Putin is not the strategic genius the world is making him out to be. His tactics simply follow a path of least resistance, and our commander-in-chief doesn't know how to resist even clear and present dangers to American freedom.

He has destroyed US influence throughout the Middle East. Obama left the door open and Putin stepped right in, like he did in Crimea. We will be at war again soon in Syria against Russia, Iran, and their surrogates. "U.S. defense officials have confirmed that military equipment issued by the United States to Syrian rebel fighters has been funneled to an al Qaeda offshoot, raising new questions about the ways in which the Obama administration is safeguarding U.S. arms in the war-torn Middle Eastern country." (Adam Kredo). Last time - 2,000 armored humvees to the enemy. Pentagon: U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Surrender American Arms to Al QaedaPentagon: ‘We can’t control every situation that these fighters encounter’

God only knows what further wounds of weakness Obama intends to inflict on our nation during his last year in office. But it's not hard to guess. I'm guessing he will make a gift of our Guantanamo Bay naval base to the Castro Brothers, in use‎: ‎1898–present. Democrats like to give America's stuff away, like Carter gave away the Panama Canal, and Zone - soon passed on to communist China de facto.

Obama has already launched another fruitless attack on our Second Amendment - which will have the predictable effect of stampeding gun sales through the roof. I predict our great leader's anti-gun efforts will stimulate gun sales by an additional one million units. What a phenomenal, if utterly clueless, community gun-sales promoter.
He has announced a trip to Oregon to visit the scene of the most recent gun attack. He made the announcement before the bodies were counted at the college. He is not wanted there; his huge entourage would certainly disrupt the solemnity in the mourning community. I hope he doesn't chew gum while there.