If you want to get a quick idea of what's happening in the world I can't think of a better way than to click on to the DRUDGE REPORT. It will show you the good, bad, and ugly in a hurry. Unfortunately, it's often mostly bad and ugly, but that's reality. Let's take an especially ugly fact playing out on DRUDGE.

Many conservatives expect American assets to be attacked by some combination of Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran before the end of Obama's final year in office. Iran has repeatedly broadcast its intention to attack and destroy Israel in its Islamic mandate to rid the world of all "unbelievers" in Islam. The US is the targeted "great Satan" while Israel is targeted as the lesser demon.

Iran is on a roll in its preparations for war. The Obama administration, in its greatest act of treachery towards America, has unleashed the dogs of war by signing the unconstitutional nuclear "deal" with Iran (by fiat, his executive order). He not only let Iran off the leash (sanctions) he has financed this terrorist state with the practical equivalent a trillion dollars in spending money. Iran can now build or buy any number of weapons of mass destruction they wish - and they are off to the races. Every Middle East nation who happens to be an enemy of Iran is now frantically preparing a nuclear-based defensive, since they no longer believe the US can be trusted to defend them.

Israel is in a precarious position as never before, with Russia, Iran, and North Korea, and China (all nuclear enemies) converging on her. How can a nuclear war be avoided now? Americans have no idea how extensive those nations have re-armed. Russia, nearly broke, is pouring money into high-tech armaments, particularly electromagnetic pulse weapons - already deployed. All are aggressively expanding their influence.

At the same time Obama has weakened US defense capabilities as never before.

Americans must pay attention to what is happening on the military front. At least then they will be less surprised when we are attacked, before Obama sneaks out of office.