The blaring red headline on top of today's DRUDGE REPORT declares "Comey Calls Trump Mob Boss". My first thought was to remember that James Comey, as a mob member himself, may just be envious.

As the painful facts of FBI, CIA, and Justice Department criminal collusion reveal, I would not trust James Comey to water my dog, as the saying goes. His behavior before, during, and after his tenure as 7th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, despite liberal political accolades, shows him to be a spectacular Machiavellian agent for that swampy Deep State.

Our country is faced with critical threats growing out of an unprecedented conspiracy to destroy President Trump's administration. Nothing paranoid in recognizing this threat because this fear is rational, based on empirical facts.

Look at the determined forces at play, most related to Obama administration holdovers, and outrageously foolish advise provided to the President concerning administrative appointments in the early months of his administration.

Add to this the (also unprecedented) bias of 90 percent of the media - virtually all liberal. The anti-Trump hate is deep and broad. Virtually all Democrat law-makers attack Trump, and many Republicans as well.

The worst single mistake made was to appoint Jeff Sessions to DOJ. As Attorney General he is a flaming disaster which cannot be put out without poisonous political fallout. His unnecessary recusal started the domino effect, cheered-on by deputy Rod Rosenstein, who dutifully brought in Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, turning him loose with plenary powers and no direction. He's the pig rooting for the magic truffle.

There is a real possibility now for a violent national political insurgency in the Leftist attempt to unseat a duly elected president.

The FBI's Christopher Wray is untrustworthy. A look at swamp creatures such as retired James Clapper (who perjured himself on TV) is galling. Clapper's job was to oversee Comey's FBI and 16 other intelligence agencies, including the CIA and NSA. Then there's John Brennan, formerly at CIA, and other swampers like Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder (of Fast and Furious fame), etc.

America is at a life-and-death moment, with international military threats at hair trigger.

We must defend our President or let our Constitutional Republic collapse.