After nearly 60 years of Communist captivity, the people of Cuba await another dictator, Miguel Diaz-Canel. The small island, under the sole proprietorship of the Castro family all that time, reflects shame on the United States. For 60 years we have been unable to free the Cuban people from Marxist slavery, only 90 miles from Florida.

Every CIA effort has failed miserably, leaving this nefarious Marxist leftover as an affront to freedom. The Bay of Pigs disaster was a massive, startling, bloody failure of CIA intelligence, and all of its efforts thereafter to rid Cuba of Fidel Castro, only further embarrassments.

To this day Cuba is tightly aligned with Russia and China as an outpost for enemy intelligence, much like Panama quickly became a Chinese outpost immediately following Jimmy Carter's dim-witted gift of the Canal to Panama. That gave China power points on both eastern and western shores, also boosting the drug trade. Jimmy Carter was, and is, a well-meaning fool.

Miguel Diaz-Canel is the sole candidate to be Cuba's president because there are no free elections in Communist countries, as we should know by now.

Has there been anything good about Cuba since the former dictator Fulgencio Batista packed his money bags and fled the island in 1959? Things immediately went from bad to worse. The only memories I can recall are murder, imprisonment, and the ubiquitous stenciled image of the infamous Argentine Marxist Che Guevara. I prefer the photo of his bullet-riddled body taken by the Bolivian Army - similar to Pablo Escobar's. Something tells me that had Donald Trump been in charge of retaking Cuba it would have been a free and happy place for the last 60 years. Maybe we should try again?


This nation is headed for a revolutionary-Constitutional conflict. Not since the Revolutionary War between loyalists and rebels has there been such a hate-filled standoff. The radical Liberal Deep State with its supporters seeks to change our Constitutional base; it wants a "living" Constitution which they can modify to suite their emotional needs. The country is truly divided, nearly in half, with conservatives determined to protect the original meaning of the Constitution, the original intent of our Founding Fathers.

I read today that the New York Attorney General seeks to "bypass the presidential power to pardon." This is typical of the radical Left's attempt to change Constitutional law to suit their individual emotional needs. The effort has rarely been so strong. This was never a problem for the Left when Bill Clinton was disgracing the office. Remember his very last act in office? It was a pay-for-pardon of Marc Rich, the fugitive international commodities trader. Appalling and disgusting as it was, Republicans did not demand the limiting of presidential pardon.

Liberals will continue to twist our Constitution until they succeed in wringing all of the original sense out of it.