(above) Deputy Taylor Lindsey and Sgt. Noel Ramirez.
(above) Deputy Taylor Lindsey and Sgt. Noel Ramirez.

There is, as always, an overload of things to talk about.

But I have to start by expressing my heart-felt condolences to the families who have suffered this horrendous loss. These, now outrageously too frequent, murders make me almost physically sick to think about. These two young outstanding deputies represent an enormous loss to society. These Florida officers were assassinated as they were having breakfast. They can no longer serve as they did to keep us safe from the criminal element which killed them.

Rest in peace Sgt. Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey.


DRUDGE reports that the so-called migrant caravan has reached our border. This is an outrageous invasion of our sovereign nation. It's reported that these people are from Honduras. America is being overrun as European nations have been, with catastrophic cultural results. It's time to get that wall finished, and to seriously punish Mexico for facilitating this outrage. Only those who refuse to put America's safety first promote this invasion of illegal, un-vetted people.

Ask the people of once-tranquil Sweden how they like their new neighbors, and France, and Germany. The world order is being overthrown, which can only bring chaos.

Orderly, legal immigration is one thing; massive illegal migration is another. The latter is destabilizing our fundamental values as a Judeo-Christian culture. Diversity for the sake of diversity is an explosive, illogical, Liberal nostrum. Diversity is, per se, illogical in public affairs, but it sure brings in the liberal vote. There is something unnatural about an artificially homogenized society.

For its complicity in facilitating this latest border attack, Mexico should be body-slammed with tariffs.

Yeah, I can already hear that half-wit in the back of the room shouting "Racist!" That's to be expected these days. But normal, rational people know that's just more fake news. That phalanx of liberal lawyers landing at the border to assist with the invasion? They're just flies buzzing the picnic.


I don't know yet whether Mike Pompeo will get in as Secretary of State. If he does, it will be a triumph for us all. He is perhaps the most talented and distinguished civil servant in our nation. First in his class at West Point, and first at Harvard Law, he is precisely the man we need at State. Conservatives should pray for that to happen. What did John Kerry or Hillary Clinton do to deserve that distinction?

I'm out of time - but I've managed to get myself in enough trouble for now.