No loyal conservative should grow tired of defending our president against the incessant, disloyal attacks of the Democrat Party. We're in the middle of a political revolution where Democrats are determined to remove President Trump from office.

The threat is serious and immediate, with a corrupt Judiciary, Senate, Justice Department, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. leading the way. What is most maddening about this situation is the fact that the corruption of these departments is so obvious. Start with the nonsense probe of Russian collusion, whatever that is. As has been pointed out many times, "collusion" is not a crime and therefore, not capable of lawfully initiating the Mueller probe.

This is the most serious threat to our Constitutional Republic in American history, and may well bring a violent response from the president's loyal supporters. The crux of the issue here is that the Democrat Party is preventing President Trump from forming a government. The Deep State is stalling everything, except harassment of our president, at a time when he is dealing with the extraordinary possibility of bringing peace to the Korean peninsula, keeping the bomb from Iran, dealing with China trade, and halting Russian expansion into Syria - and he has to deal with this criminal farce of the Mueller investigation as well.

Democrats are delaying the appointment of hundreds of officials, including judges, all in an attempt to end all the progress Trump has made before the mid-term election. This action by Democrats is truly seditious. Trump has to clean house, getting rid of Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Mueller, Christopher Wray, the whole lot of them.

Our judicial system is being exposed as completely corrupt. This cannot end well.

Leave it to the Democrat Media to put on that salacious, vicious, and vile "dinner" last week. We saw a sluttish "comedian" destroy the remnants of respect for the "Drive By Media".

I'm too disgusted to prolong this column.