Without going on too much with the details, I have to say, as I've said so many times before, the Fillmore Chamber of Commerce almost caused the May Festival to disappear. Astounding incompetence at every level spurred the rumor that the Festival would not happen, and/or would be held at a different location. Virtually no advertising for the event, including no Central Avenue banner, etc. makes me suggest that the Chamber turn the job over to someone else. It seems to me that the Festival happened this year almost by accident.


The remarkable spectacle of Deep State collusion (conspiracy is a more accurate word) of our FBI, CIA, DOJ, DNI, etc. to foil President Trump is simply unparalleled. We are witnessing the greatest Constitutional catastrophe in American history. And it all started in the Obama administration, with his knowledge and consent. Among the most treacherous of these Machiavellian conspirators is former CIA Director John Brennan (who voted for Gus Hall for president) who was leader and chairman of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) died in 2000). Let's listen to Brennan's friend's own words: "The Christians are always singing about the blood. Let us give them enough of it! Let us cut their throats and drag them over the altar! And let them drown in their own blood! I dream of the day when the last priest is strangled on the guts of the last preacher". I wonder who Brennan's other friends are. And our Senate confirmed him to head the CIA! Does character still count today?

Brennan was appointed CIA Director despite his passionate support for sharia Islam, which must have affected his judgment on terrorist strategy. Here's Brennan on Islam: Obama advisor John Brennan speaks about the beauty of Islam ..." .

I have just enough time to reiterate: the scope of this Democrat Party betrayal has the hallmarks of a Benedict Arnold scheme.

I have to marvel at President Trump's achievements while under attack from these traitors.

Hang em high!