Congratulations to Fillmore High School varsity baseball team. They have won their place in the CIF Southern Section Division 7 Finals! 2018 is turning out to be a red letter year for FHS sports, in swimming, soccer, track, and now, baseball. Congratulations also to FHS baseball coach Matt Suttle. The Gazette is waiting with bated breath for a comment from you.


The construction of Rotorcraft Support's new 68,000 square-foot hangar is well under way. Located on 10-acres of the southwest corner of Fillmore's Business Park, Rotorcraft will also share the facility with another helicopter company, a firefighting firm called The Guardian.

Rotorcraft is moving from its current location at Van Nuys Airport, bringing with it 58 employees, and an additional 16 with The Guardian. Rotorcraft expects to hire an additional 10-15 people from the Fillmore area on completion of the move.

The project will be built in two phases, after the 68,000 square-foot hangar, another 45,000-square-foot hangar will be leased to another business.

The Rotorcraft facility is a repair station, not a heliport, according to Mike Harrah, project designer. It expects to service about 20 helicopters per week "during normal business hours".

"Their flight paths will not go over the city" according to Kevin McSweeney, Fillmore’s Planning Director.

The City of Fillmore welcomes Rotorcraft and The Guardian!


The first time I remember watching Roseanne on TV was years ago when she "sang" our National Anthem at a baseball game, before spitting on the ground. My memory of her hasn't changed much since then. It's a sorry assessment of American popular culture that her bare knuckle shtick has earned her an alleged $80-million. And to think she was becoming popular again.


Kim Kardashian going to the White House? Good grief Donald! Don't you know that this will attract Liberals like flies to a watermelon?


Then we have Stormy... and the Hoggletts ...etc. I can't stand any more!

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