I have not had an opportunity to verify claims from several sources alleging that one campaign involved serious funding irregularities, including unreported excess funds from Democratic Party associates. I received these claims from highly reliable sources. Anyone having corroborating evidence regarding this charge is welcome to contact this office. In small elections such as Fillmore's unlawful funding can skew the results dramatically. I hope this did not happen here.

Unlawful electioneering in and about precinct locations was also reported widespread by voluntary precinct observers - countywide.


I haven't been able to find out why the new ($9-million) firehouse is a year late to scheduled completion. I do know, however, had it been finished (equipped and manned) in December, 2017, (instead of remaining unfinished today) it would have helped to extinguish the flames that consumed thousands of homes and took thousands of lives.


Well, those Senate Democrats who mocked their Republican rivals when the alarm was sounded to stop the invasion of illegal aliens through Mexico, should be happy today. They said "They're thousands of miles away. They're walking barefoot. Don't worry." Their defiant refusal to fund the wall or pass legislation to protect our borders, has precipitated a crisis. But remember Democrat Rahm Emanuel's famous proclamation about crises: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste." This is classic Democrat strategy. After all, they admit they are all about obstruction, delay, smear, slow-walking, blocking, and I should add defaming per se. Dealing with our foreign enemies alone keeps the American government very busy. Deliberate obstruction of government business is dangerous. What common good is served by these obstructionist tactics? And they call themselves "Progressives".

The tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free are now at the door, enticing millions to join the 22-million already here. It is not un-Christian to employ common sense in the service of national survival. God established order in his creation. Without His exquisite order only chaos would rein. There are good reasons for the fact that He divided us into tribes, which become cultures, which become countries, always defined by borders. Remember that phrase "Law and order." Europe today shows us how unordered hoards of people disrupt good order and produce crime, poverty, cultural and religious confrontation.

It's common today to find millions of people denying the existence of the Creator; I suspect most of the higher scientific echelon are atheist. The most popular public TV science programs tout evolution exclusively and disparage even remote suggestions of creation. In doing so they contradict the basic idea of science - scientific method. Scientists speak of going to the "edge of space" I would just ask "How big is that space?” No matter how fast we travel we can never measure the extent of space. It is always traveling away from us. Here we face the most troublesome dilemma in science - infinity - because only God is infinite. Science is beautiful. Science is exciting. Science can measure and explain many things, but it cannot measure infinity. And all things are based upon order.

But this is not a religious tract; I'm just trying to establish a moral basis for halting the invasion of our country based upon the concept of order. I would argue that it is immoral to permit the destruction of natural order by permitting our borders to collapse, which will destroy the cohesion of our fundamental institutions. We make things; we do not create things from nothing. We cannot create enough schools or houses, we cannot provide medical treatment or jobs, or police protection for a ceaseless flow of illegal aliens - because we struggle to provide the same for our own. These spontaneous unlawful events cause disorder, conflict, and resentment, and violence.

There is one difficult but better way to handle this explosive problem. That is to provide food, medicine, shelter, and work for these people WHERE THEY LIVE. America has done this, and continues to do this all over the world. The major problem here is safeguarding this assistance from massively corrupt government. Of course this corruption is the basic reason millions flee their countries. There are no viable alternatives to avoiding armed violence in the defense of our sacred borders from unlawful invasion. There is another, sacred, obligation to defend our borders. It is to keep the faith with those who gave their lives to establish and preserve the boarders of this greatest of nations. We keep the faith with the spirits of those who fought through the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, American Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. Whether we believe these wars were equally good, we must honor the millions who died to keep our country safe and free. They are dead, and gone, but we forget to honor their sacrifice at our own peril.