I'm sure I'm not alone in my impatience over hunkering down for the corona virus. Our lives are being totally disrupted. My church has shut its doors and my daily schedule is completely changed. Just shopping for food or walking outside are problematic. The good things are illusive while bad things, overall, seem everywhere. And, worst thing among many bad things is communist China, which has single-handedly poisoned the entire world by loosing this coronavirus, either from its covert biological weapons program in Wahon, or its notorious "wet market" of wild animals. Bats are a popular item in the market, although most epidemics have been caused by bats.

Communist China has caused this world-wide epidemic, again. It is playing with deadly bio warfare, searching, as Russia does, for the perfect disabling disease with which to level rival nations. Our entire nation is at risk, and America has abandoned this sort of research in the naive belief that communist countries will eventually become civilized.

The cost of this particular epidemic, across the world can never be paid. America has to eliminate China as any sort of equal trading partner; it seeks only to increase its hegemony as the world's most powerful nation, first by trade, then by force.
China is an atheist behemoth which we must never trust; which is also true of all communist nations.

China hates democracy - period.



One glance at the DRUDGE REPORT today will tell us that America is obsessed with the threat of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. This epidemic is changing our lives in startling ways.

Virtually all American culture has been frozen in an attempt to stop this killer virus. All public activity has been halted or severely curtailed. That means no work or entertainment for most people who are being confined to their homes.

While these restrictions are acting like a blunt force against normal social and economic activity, stressing and angering many people, we should be concerned as well about its threat to national security. Biological, chemical, and virus-born weapons have ancient and devastating histories, from catapulting plague-infected corpses over city walls during wartime sieges, to releasing infected fleas to wipe-out whole villages.

In the 14th Century about 60 percent of Europe's population was wiped out by the Black Death, or bubonic plague. There were other waves of this epidemic, which also came from the far east. Epidemics like this have been the scourge of mankind from time immemorial. This COVID-19 that we face today is nothing new, though its structure varies from other viruses. Consider that after being released from Wuhan, China, in a matter of weeks the world was infected. If we can believe The New York Times, "After doctors in Wuhan began treating clusters of patients stricken with a mysterious pneumonia in December, the reporting was supposed to have been automatic. Instead, hospitals deferred to local health officials who, over a political aversion to sharing bad news, withheld information about cases from the national reporting system — keeping Beijing in the dark and delaying the response. The central health authorities first learned about the outbreak not from the reporting system but after unknown whistle-blowers leaked two internal documents online."

Those whistle-blowers soon disappeared, and it's not unreasonable to believe that Beijing was never "in the dark", that their experiment got away from them.

This whole disaster points to the stark reality of the effectiveness of germ warfare today. Nothing new, but in-your-face threat. The entire nation, and its defense mechanism, can be quickly disabled by this sort of weapon. It has already effectively "disabled" one US aircraft carrier. What if we were hit with other weapons of the same sort at the same time? We would be almost immediately overwhelmed, with no recourse; a much quicker and quieter attack - with no sure determination of the source.

This virus we are dealing with now should be a warning. Communist China has launched an insidious attack, intentionally or not.

“Made in USA” should quickly include all equipment needed to counter germ warfare.

Only an April fool would believe otherwise.



I have to say that I’ve done a little researching on the state of our so-called COVID-19 virus, which I just call “the virus”. I did that yesterday so I can’t use my now threadbare excuse of having too little time to write this column.

China lied, thousands died, and the world was quickly infected - because she gave the virus a deadly 6-week head start. President Trump, despite the usual “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” fake news media commentaries, took quick, effectual action (against liberal resistance) to shut down traffic from China. His bold decision saved thousands of lives, according to medical authorities.

Personally, I don’t much mind the hide-in-place circumstances we now live under. I have plenty of company with my library. And, my usual routine has been considerably relaxed. But what I see in town, and throughout the nation, is disturbing. Especially on the east coast panic is triumphing.

Panic is always the enemy. Many situations should cause reasonable fear and anxiety; these are friends to warn us. But panic causes unreasonable responses and regrettable consequences. (Source: Dr. Farrell’s think and do book). Anyway, it’s worth remembering, because too many Americans are in the grip of panic, finding themselves doing, as the comic once declared, “Wild and crazy things”. This is not good.

Viruses are tiny little things with nasty little feet, and they are not really alive. They can’t survive on their own, they always need a host to grow. Although ancestors of the present virus have been around for a very long time, this one is said to be 5-times more infectious than the flu. It spreads its seeds more easily and it survives longer than others on surfaces, including clothing. They can also make you a host for a week or longer before you know they’re there, like uninvited house guests.

If they’re not really alive, and are so light that they enjoy lofting in the air for hours searching for hosts, I wish we could just shake them off, like a dog judders his coat after a swim. But we can’t. We just have to find ways of avoiding them. So we’re doing the right thing.

Our scientists are working feverishly to find a vaccine to kick the freeloaders out and bring relief to those infected. Enormous loads of ventilators (sophisticated machines which aid breathing) and respirators (protective face masks) are being delivered to overwhelmed and unprepared hospitals and clinics throughout the nation. This monumental rescue effort is being ordered by President Trump, who is also pushing a 2-trillion financial grant to persons and businesses being challenged by near depression threats.

I noticed today Ventura County’s report of confirmed COVID-19 virus cases. Eleven cities have so far reported positive, including Santa Paula, with 2 cases.

So, there is almost frenetic activity taking place now to stem the flow of the virus and heal those stricken by this vicious thing.

The President is faced with an incredibly difficult dilemma - to continue the shutdown of the nation’s business activity, which is causing a real threat of recession (or depression), or comply with best medical directives to save lives. It’s a hotly debated issue. We can’t keep the nation’s business closed much longer without disastrous economic consequences.

What to do? That is the question. Why not try humble prayer?



Well, I've promised to complete this column in a half-hour, so I'm just going to skim over some issues of general importance.

In the 31-years I've published this column I've witnessed many flu, virus, and biological events. None has received the attention of this coronavirus pandemic. Like the swine flu and others, it is a gift from China.

The City of Fillmore is complying with national, state, county, and city demands to have residents isolate themselves and for businesses to close until further notice.

The great American production machine is closing down as never before. The world is doing the same. It's taken me awhile to grasp the reality of the threat, but I now understand that it is very real and amongst us.

Fillmore has apparently joined in the panic seen on TV in much of our country, with empty shelving in grocery stores, pharmacies and other places supplying food and emergency supplies. Water, toilet paper, anti-virus sprays and wipes have been hit especially hard.

We should all calm down and dig in. These products will continue to be available through this epidemic. Just stop hoarding this stuff. Stop the panic; everyone will be taken care of - if we stop hoarding!

"The coronavirus raging around the globe has tended to tread gently with children, who account for the smallest percentage of the infections identified so far. Now, the largest study to date of children and the virus has found that while most develop mild or moderate symptoms, a small percentage — especially babies and preschoolers — can become seriously ill."

I don't have much more to say except that I hope our country has finally learned not to trust our enemies, like China. China is a stringent communist country, permitting no freedom to its captive residents. It is not merely a competitor - it is an enemy nation.

Recently, China has had the audacity to threaten America by withholding essential medicinal raw materials and drug components, as well as medical equipment, unless we comply with its demands. This, of course, is blackmail.

America must call back the medical-related industrial companies we so naively sent over to China to sell product back to the US for a cheaper price. US companies sold-out their own country for enormous short-term profits. They gave away their trade secrets, patents, and souls. Now we no longer have control over these essential industries and materials. We must go begging the enemies we lifted from utter poverty to help us.

Now we have been awakened to this fact. Now we must reinstall these industries back home - as immediately as possible. President Trump is well aware of this situation - I am confident he will act quickly - without time-wasting nonsense - as he usually does.

Let's pull together, pray together, and beat this virus down.

And, let's see more MADE IN AMERICA stamps on products!



Well, adding to confusion about the danger of the latest corona virus is the statement by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who "told lawmakers during a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday that COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel coronavirus — is probably about 10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu."

There are too many voices seeking to calm the American public, to avoid panic, emphasizing how less lethal the virus is than the common flu. This includes President Trump.

Let's get together on this issue. The coronavirus is very dangerous, and organizations should continue to take rational precautions, like canceling large gatherings of all kinds. This virus is something we should not take lightly - particularly old guys like me!


Considering the oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, the coronavirus pandemic, and the stock market volatility, we could be witnessing a perfect storm, globally. I am an expert in nothing but my own soul, so I am expressing one man's opinion among those of 7 billion other souls. So, when I consider the fanatically militant attitudes in places like Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, and Turkey - ........................?

(My profound apologies to readers - I have mistakenly deleted the last half of this column, without time to rewrite.) I attribute this to the virus of old age.


The Gazette was unable to report on actions taken by the FUSD Board this week due to a lack of information.

The paper received the School Board meeting highlights citing four particular areas of discussion, but without textual reporting. For example, a detailed Power Point presentation was provided on the "Network Infrastructure Update" for the entire school district, students, teachers, and administration. However it was unaccompanied by any textual explanation which the paper could publish.

The entire presentation involved complex technical wireless connections with information on the significant increase in speed and power. The Gazette is unable, as most parents are, of retaining and understanding this information without an explanation in print. The "Highlights" does provide a link "for more information", however this brings the user to the same Power Point watched by those attending the Board meeting. This leaves most people who are interested in understanding the whole activity, in the dark about the function and significant costs involved.

In this case, mere verbal explanations, which disappear immediately after the presentation, are useless to 90 percent of interested persons. It appears that someone is too lazy to produce a textual presentation of this important, and expensive, undertaking. A written report should be demanded.


Chris Matthews has quit his Hardball slot on MSNBC. Good riddance! I grew tired of his political invective and false accusations years ago, but it only grew worse during the Trump administration. The word is that he was pushed out. I am not disappointed.


It looks like Biden is in for the Democrats, and Comrade Bernie is out. Yippee. Now Bloomberg can, once again, bestow his wealth, as promised, upon Biden. The coming Democratic convention may surpass the Ringling Brothers' Greatest Show on Earth for excitement. I can hardly wait.


I hope the federal government begins to take the exposed criminal behavior of all Democratic office holders, and former office holders, seriously, like they have for so many Republican politicians. I no longer believe in federal criminal justice because it no longer (to date) abides by the Constitution and its laws. We have witnessed the greatest, most treasonous activity undertaken by the highest appointed and elected officials in American history; an effort to overthrow a duly elected president. Beginning with our FBI, CIA, NSA, and DIA, a legal search and destroy mission must begin to prosecute guilty members. They are the fleas on the national dog.

Until I see these guilty (by what we already know) members arrested, convicted and jailed, our system of equal justice for all will continue to be a farce.


Crazy Bernie? If it were so, he might have an excuse. But he's not crazy - just deeply evil.

I have to confess that I often have to drag myself to the computer to produce this column, often too short of time to do justice to the subject at hand.

This week, however, after reading and listening to the babblings of Bernie Sanders extolling the virtues of communism and socialism, I felt compelled to respond, for the sake of historical truthfulness. Because, among others things, Bernie has shown himself to be a sadistic liar: a liar because he justifies two systems of government which have caused the murder of more than 100 million innocent souls during the past 100 years.

The Soviet Union (formally, "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics", the first country in the world to be based on Marxist socialism) started the bloody Juggernaut rolling in 1917. Juggernaut is an apt description for the socialist system, because, worshipers of the Hindu god Vishnu became so excited when the idol was hauled along on a [huge vehicle] “during religious rites that they threw themselves under the wheels and were crushed". With Lenin and Stalin at the wheel, during and after happy times like The Great Terror, some 20 million (Russian people) were murdered. But, they explained, "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs".

Then, Hitler, inspired by Stalin's socialist success, dreamed-up his own National Socialist German Workers' Party, or the Nazi Party - thereafter at least 20 million more were mixed into another socialist omelet. This "thousand-year" socialist expectation lasted 12 murderous years.

Then came China, following the Chinese Civil War. Let's start from the 1934 Long March.

(1945–49), military struggle for control of China waged between the Nationalists (Kuomintang) under Chiang Kai-shek and the Communists under Mao Zedong. Deaths attributed to this experiment in socialism-communism are usually set at about 20 million. More accurately, deaths were many more than 40 million.

But why should anyone have to remind 21st Century Americans of the murderous history of socialism and its first cousin, communism? Because fools like Bernie want to associate America with this most deadly political system in world history. Bernie stands athwart communist history boldly telling the ignorant electorate, "All this I will give you if only you will fall down and elect me president". You can almost smell the sulfur.

Bernie's personal history is being exposed very late in the election game. But it is shocking. Before the age of 40 he was essentially a bum. His earlier statements are as disgusting as they are bizarre and troubling. For instance: "Toddlers Should Run Around Naked and Touch Each Other's Genitals". Then there is his "Rape fantasy" essay, which is so profoundly evil that it would make Harvey Weinstein blush.

It's certainly true that Bloomberg is attempting to knock Bernie out of the race, but even though I'm a Republican, I hope he succeeds. And this is just the beginning.

As I've said before, what disturbs me most when I think of Bernie's campaign as an avowed socialist is the demoralizing fact that so many young Americans are buying his lies. Communism and socialism stole all sense of freedom from China, Russia, Germany, Cuba, and more than 30 others. Check them out. See how they are doing.

So, if you want to do away with God, freedom and prosperity, vote for the Pied Piper. But do a little research on Comrade Bernie. With such a phenomenally weak slate of Democratic hopefuls this year, maybe Bloomberg is the Party's hope.

However - keep in mind that Bloomberg reportedly told one of his pregnant employees to "Kill it." That was an exposure of decant heart. Democrats, vote for Trump. After more than three years of intense research, your party found him innocent of all false charges.


On such a beautiful day I shouldn't have to talk election politics, but there's a Democratic debate tonight which consumes my thoughts like a swarm of African locusts. With a communist, an autocrat, a fake Indian, a sleepy ex-VP, and an ambitious young man with husband in tow, all seeking to command America's ship of state, what could possibly go wrong?

Is there even a whisper of traditional American virtue or good faith to be heard within this troupe? These are the people who launched scurrilous political attacks during Senate confirmations of now Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Grosuch, and Clarence Thomas. This same mentality prevailed during the 1987 nomination, by President Reagan, of distinguished legal scholar, Judge Robert Bork. This particular Democratic attack on Bork's reputation was so severe it created the adage to be "Borked", meaning a savage, false and unjustified formal rebuke. The Kavanaugh slander was so outrageous it left an indelible mark for me. This is what Dems do.

So, I anticipate an interesting evening at the debates. Michael Bloomberg's last minute billions are sweeping away Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg in their efforts to seek the golden nomination. They are being blown away by Bloomberg who effortlessly farts his billions to attract the Democratic Party's attention, while, once again, leaving poor Bernie in the dust.

This is one debate which may require face masks to survive the invective. The issue of money in this debate will be so dominate, so tight that there won't even be room to shout racist! And without the race charge Democrats can't win a thing.
I expect Bloomberg to coat the Democrat Party organization so completely with his filthy lucre that clean hands will be a thing of the past for at least a generation.


It appears the Democratic Party has hit the wall. None of its many aspirants seem able to reach the brass ring to qualify as candidate to defeat President Trump. They're just too weak to handle the most powerful job in the world.

I thought Bloomberg might have a chance with his $40 billion to play with. But recent revelations of his blatant racist thinking should end it for him.

What do we have left? Sanders is more than a socialist; he's really a neo-communist. He truly believes in the socialist legacy, which is at the heart of communism. He believes the state should run most things. Only a true believer would actually honeymoon in communist Russia in 1988.

I'm not so much worried about Bernie becoming president of the United States. What worries me is the fact that so many young Americans are so sympathetic to socialism. This reflects a serious failure in the American educational system. Either that or a deliberate undermining of our democratic republic. This sympathy towards the false promises of socialism by our young citizens is an historical embarrassment.

Our young citizens should be introduced to "The Black Book of Communism - Crimes Terror Repression. (Harvard College Press, 1999.) Ignorance of communism and its infectious cousin, socialism, in the American educational system, is almost criminal.
Enough about Bernie.

What about Buttigieg? He's a factory produced liberal. He is a 30-something, small city mayor, "married" to a man who pretends to be Buttigieg's "husband". As his “spouse” I try to envision both of them dancing at their inaugural ball, or meeting with Islamic heads of state.

Radical liberal American voters will hate my evaluation of Mayor Pete, but I am just voicing the otherwise muted traditional Judeo-Christian stand against public sexual degeneracy, so popular in Hollywood. Is Pete to become leader of the free world? If so he and his "husband" would also become the fullest examples for our youth.

The public no longer cares about private, personal morality. What it should care about is public conduct influencing our youth. I know it sounds corny today, but the traditional Boy Scout rules should still maintain:

"To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight."

However, this too is being destroyed in America.


I watched most of the State of the Union speech yesterday. I have to say I've never heard a more powerful statement from any president than Trump delivered on this occasion.

His achievements are phenomenal. No other president has come close to successfully finishing so many promised goals for the benefit of our nation. There were so many highlights in the presentation it's hard to single one out for special praise. First Lady Melania Trump awarded conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom on behalf of President Donald Trump. Several other presentations were noted during the speech. Of particular interest to me was a mother and her little girl from Kansas City, one of the youngest premature babies to survive after birth. Born at merely 21 weeks, she is a glorious example of the unique, sacred value of all human life, at every stage of life, which Trump defends.

The speech was President Trump at his very best. His list of positive accomplishments is simply extraordinary. Unfortunately, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of President Trump’s speech at the end of his address. The scene of Pelosi shredding the speech behind the President's back was more bizarre evidence of her Party's free-floating hatred of the president, and a national embarrassment. This is another symptom of the psychotic animosity which has powered the Democratic Party's frenzied determination to remove the President from office - for the past 3 years!

When will the Democratic berserkers get some help to calm their rage?

In terms of national accomplishments, Donald Trump is in the fast lane to become the greatest American president in recent history. And this, while fighting-off unprecedented, incessant attacks, legal, political, and personal. God bless President Trump and family.

He showed up for us just in time.


Like the rest of the nation, I feel the grief of Kobe Bryant's family at the time of his death. What an unfathomable loss. Where can we find another such supremely good man? It's just hard to grasp the reality of our loss.
God rest his soul and the soul of his beautiful daughter Gianna.


It seems almost sacrilegious to switch from deepest sorrow at the loss of Kobe Bryant, to extreme contempt for the 45 perfidious Democratic Senators shredding our Constitution in their unceasing efforts to remove our president from office.

I have to say I have never heard a more pellucid, scholarly explanation of the defects in the Democrat's two articles of impeachment than were delivered recently in the defense of President Trump. All of Trump's lawyers performed flawlessly. Attorneys Pat Cipollone, Jay Sekulow, Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz wiped-out the entire fraudulent impeachment articles. There is no crime therefore President Trump is an innocent man!

Let's get this farce over with and get on with the real business of the nation.


I've watched all that I can stand of the impeachment trial of President Trump. Center stage in this farcical scheme to get rid of the president is little Adam Schiff.

The loquacious Schiff began speaking early this morning. An hour later I turned on the TV and he was still talking. He has become the most recognized liar in Senate history. Every single sentence that falls out of his mouth is easily identified as a lie. It's truly remarkable. He has turned the entire truth in this impeachment scenario up-side-down. The "facts" he asserts are all false. Listening to Schiff is like being forced to believe in the most confusing parts of Alice in Wonderland. I just wish someone would shout "Off with his head!"

I think he deserves a special medal for being the smoothest, most infamous liar in congressional history. Others might prefer a more direct response for his outrageous slandering of an innocent man. This is another unforgettable Brett Kavanaugh lynching. Just expressing the anger millions of Trump supporters feel during this mock trial, I recall the 1856 beating of Senator Charles Sumner by Representative Preston Brooks in the Senate chambers. True to the historical pattern, Brooks was a pro-slavery Democrat, and Sumner an abolitionist. Sumner had fiercely criticized slaveholders.

Sumner's speech, and subsequent beating (which nearly caused his death) strongly contributed to the political polarization in the nation over the issue of slavery. "It has been considered symbolic of the breakdown of reasoned discourse and the use of violence that eventually led to the American Civil War."

Thankfully, the unconstitutional attempt to remove President Trump, by means of wholesale corruption in our highest government offices, and the Democratic Party, has not caused that level of retaliation. But emotions are high and the need to remedy Democratic Party villainy is palpable. Maybe the only solution left is a gigantic landslide victory for President Trump in November.


Well I'm told that I have only 40 minutes to come up with something in this column. First it was dog duties, then other tasks to slow me down. Haven't even had time to look at DRUDGE.

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Let's hope and pray that it will be a more peaceful new year. It's already a prosperous one.


Maybe my wish for more peace is naive. I see that Iran-provoked militants have attacked the American embassy in Iraq. More marines are on the way.

I have to fight my feelings about the entire Middle East, actually about fundamental Islam. Since the year 632, the founder's death, Islam has murdered more human beings than anyone else, including Hitler, Stalin, and Chairman Mao. Its mission is to force the entire non-Muslim world into submission. The choice is conversion, slave status, or death.

I guess the only solution is to have all Jihadists eliminated, which means perpetual war. So, like it or not, America must maintain its highly effective military in places where Jihadism is a constant threat to normal civilization. And today it's the Middle East that needs protection for millions of non-Muslim peoples - particularly Christians and Jews. The Christian population in the Middle East has been decimated by the millions. The whole area was once Christian.

Let's hope the New Year finds America strong and united.


A very Merry Christmas to everyone!

This is the day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, God incarnate, by the Virgin Mary. This year God has given us a truly beautiful, sunny Christmas Eve; everything freshly washed with a gentle overnight rain.

Christmas was celebrated for the first time on December 25th, in the year 336, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine, the first Christian Roman emperor.

In 1870, by an Act of Congress signed into law by Ulysses S. Grant, it became a national holiday. No doubt Grant, and the whole nation, felt it proper to thank God by honoring the birth of Christ, as Savior of the world for all time - following the end of America's bloodiest war, our Civil War. It is seen as especially appropriate because Jesus, among Christians, is acknowledged as the Prince of Peace, in a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

So, again, Merry Christmas and peace to all men of good will.


I wish we could start the new year on a positive note in national politics, but the ugliest headline on DRUDGE this morning is "House committee raises prospect of more impeachment articles...." Just the thought of more impeachment efforts by Democrats stops me cold. I'm beginning to believe our nation is well into the beginnings of a second Civil War. The Democratic Party, Democratic House of Representatives, and the Democratic media, have challenged the Republican Party by depriving Republican President Donald Trump wholesale due process in equal protection under the law.

I won't itemize these violations; it's enough to see that the President has not received his Constitutional rights as stipulated in the 14th Amendment of our Constitution. A basic fairness he is deprived of here is the fact that Democrats refused to send the dispute about whether there is sufficient criminal evidence to impeach the President. This should have been given to the Supreme Court to decide. That would have determined the issue forever, and spared the country even more grief, time, and money.

This is a very bad start for America entering 2020.

But this shouldn't stop us from wishing each other a happy, holy, and peaceful Christmas.


I'm really tired of listening to the dramatic rhetoric from Democratic House members bent on impeaching President Trump; I can't wait for the whole farce to be shuttled over to the Senate. The whole thing is like an unending nightmare.

It's hard for me to understand a headline from DRUDGE today: "Dems Ordered Not to Victory Dance [over impeachment vote]. "Dance?" "Victory”? The massive cloud of delusion continues within the ranks of Democratic Party leaders. They really believe that their 3-year conspiracy to remove President Trump from office was a victory; well, I'll grant it was a classic Pyrrhic victory. They can celebrate in the ashes of their fraudulent conspiracy to depose our duly elected president.

The jig is up for the Liberal Left DNC and those who have supported it. After 3-years of relentless, fraudulent attacks against Trump, they have exposed themselves to be utterly corrupt. Any average first year law student should be able to analyze the entire scope of impeachment allegations and find them lacking in sufficient cause. There is no crime, real or alleged! That should be the end of it in a fair and impartial judgment.

The coming Senate trial will proceed to rip the bandage from the impeachment wound. I hope to see a full trial in the Senate. In any event, the damage has been done. This whole 3-year series of investigations has been a fraud on the electorate, a huge waste of time, and has greatly weakened our Constitutional Republic.

If you want to know how our judicial system has become so corrupt just replay the testimony of the three law professor "witnesses" under the Schiff investigation, especially the goofy Stanford prof. with her home-baked theories on the case. Just think, she is responsible for turning out new lawyers with the same perspective.

Because of the outrageous abuse of House-Congressional power in this impeachment, I can see an enormous Trump landslide in November.


“I’m not going to take any sh*t,” House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said to his fellow Democrat conspirators, in a closed-door prep session Tuesday morning - according to POLITICO.

Why should the Chairman be so defensive? He's been dealing out sh*t during his whole' long political career. He reminds me of George Costanza of the Seinfeld program - striking resemblance, but not so funny. Nadler and Adam Schiff are, for me, emblematic of the Democratic Party, utter lust for power, complete absence of conscience, wholly incapable of truth, with no sense of humor.

I've watched enough political House Intelligence Committee machinations to seriously question the reality of equal justice under law. The whole impeachment plan since Trump's inauguration, including the media, Democratic Party, FBI, CIA, etc, now shows where the real collusion has been all along. I am eager to hear the proceedings in the Senate, where some semblance of fairness and traditional due process of law will finally be accorded the president.

The vicious, unrelenting attacks upon President Trump during the three years of his term in office has done serious harm to our system of government. Treating the judicial mechanism of impeachment so casually as the Democratic Party has done, in order to remove a duly elected president, has already set regrettable precedents. As they say, what goes around comes around - and it is quickly coming around now. It will take generations to recover the trust and respect that once existed between the two American parties.

Politicians are fond of reminding us that politics ain't beanbag. True, but it shouldn't be a blood sport either, which it has become.

George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley, the only Republican witness allowed by Democrats to appear at the impeachment hearing Wednesday, "...did not use his opening statement to defend Donald Trump. But he stated that "Rage against the president is not a reason for removal."


That's all there is, there isn't any more.


The offense of military insubordination has always demanded a harsh punishment. It's considered a cardinal sin in all militaries. But the new Politically Correct military of 2019 seems to ignore thousands of years of tradition.

I'm thinking of two particular incidents. The first should have merited a court martial and immediate removal from command.

It occurred in 2017, shortly after President Trump announced that “transgender” individuals would be banned from serving in the military: "Admiral Paul Zukunft, commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, said that he would defy the decision of his commander in chief rather than “break faith” with [13] cross-dressing members of his service branch." "Zukunft indicated that the Coast Guard's “investment” in its handful of transgender members was more important than following orders from the President." And he retired with honors, to join The Center for Climate and Security.

This was an unbelievable, almost unheard of act of insubordination, a public refusal to obey a direct order by the President of the United States - our Commander in Chief, broadcast around the world. This extraordinary act should have landed the Admiral in jail, not simply removal from service. But the President was new in office and Zukunft escaped judicial punishment, which set a precedent for all future members of the Coast Guard.

I just have to ask how Zukunft ever reached flag level. This sort of political correctness has become epidemic in our military. We will pay a terrible price when we are once again thrust into widespread warfare. “...break faith” with cross-dressing members of his service branch." Really? He broke faith with his oath of command. He demonstrated his untrustworthiness.

The second incident happened recently, concerning Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, a highly decorated SEAL, who was convicted of battlefield misconduct in Iraq. He was sentenced to a demotion in rank and pay, though no prison time. But last Friday President Trump restored Gallagher's rank and pay, allowing him to retire on a full pension, also keeping his coveted SEAL Trident pin.

However, the Navy's top SEAL, Rear Admiral Collin Green, then convened a special five-member panel to review the case and recommend whether Gallagher should be stripped of the 'Trident pin' designating him a SEAL.

President Trump responded immediately in a tweet: "The Navy will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher's Trident Pin. This case was handled very badly from the beginning. Get back to business!"

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was fired by Defense Secretary Mark Esper over the Gallagher case. Esper said he asked Spencer to resign because he had lost "trust and confidence in him regarding his lack of candor," according to a Pentagon spokesman.

After combing through various stories about the Gallagher prosecution and its aftermath, it seems clear to me serious pockets of anti-Trump sentiment exist at the highest levels of our Navy. That surprises me because I have always thought our military men strongly support the President.

However, the farther up the ranks we go the more ballooning vainglory we always see. Sometimes it's just a part of genius (Generals MacArthur and Patton) which comes with strong character and extraordinary success. More often though, it's petty self-obsession, into delusion.

The military, like all hierarchical organizations, produces as many bad members as good. It's the competitive structure where one corrupt member can promote another. So, maybe that's what happened to SEAL Rear Admiral Collin Green in Seal Eddie Gallagher's case. In any event, too many in the military hierarchy failed to respect the Commander in Chief's authority - without question.

Without obedience to lawful authority the military has nothing. Tradition is everything - and for 240 years, Judeo-Christian authority was the accepted basis of our American law, civil and military - which prohibited, for example, “transgender” individuals. To "break faith" with this fact, as in the Admiral Paul Zukunft matter, shatters military tradition and dissolves the ties which bind the ranks together.


Thank you Lord for the rain! How good you are to your undeserving people.


I actually watched several hours of impeachment hearing No. 3. I've seen the enemy, and they belong to the Socialist Democratic Left. Anyway, very boring.

Trump is entering his fourth year as our President and Commander in Chief. The grief he has taken since pre-inauguration days, to date, has been vicious, fraudulent, and incessant. The Democratic Party has shown itself to be a poisonous influence on the Constitutional health of the nation.

Indisputable proof of an unprecedented coup to destroy the president is quickly emerging from several investigations. This criminal plan to remove Trump involves the Democratic Party (including figures from the previous administration), our four most powerful government agencies, the Leftist media, Hollywood, Education, as well as UN, Soros, and the Francis Papacy. The last three are confessed and committed globalists. Check out the Pope's most recent words - he hates America (I always have to remind readers that I'm Catholic myself - this is in no way bigotry).

The never-Trumpers weaponized impeachment from the beginning to take Trump out of office. First it was "collusion" with the Russians. They called him a traitor. After three years of this treatment, the much vaunted Mueller investigation failed completely to find that elusive "high crime or misdemeanor" required by our Constitution. Then false allegations of obstruction of justice, then violations of the emoluments clause, then disclosing classified information, destruction of public records, campaign finance law violations, most recently, bribery and that infamous "quid pro quo" with Ukraine.

Struggle as they will, the anti-Trump forces still can't identify a single crime that Trump is guilty of. But the leftist wish list is long. Let me help them out. Bribery didn't work, neither did obstruction of justice or collusion; how about robbery, kidnapping, homicide, arson or mayhem? People like Schiff, Swalwell, Castro, etc. who love to play in the mud, can at least come up with allegations. Facts are unimportant to them.

The mass of deadly serious Congressional business has been put aside for the past 3-plus years while the would-be impeachers seek to kill-off our President. It seems only fitting that the 2020 electorate should hand President Trump an historic landslide in November.

Then we can get back to the real business of defending against China, North Korea, Russia, Syria, terrorism, our southern border, etc.


I was impressed with Mr. Charles Richardson's presentation at last night's City Council meeting. He is complaining about the poor quality of water that services the El Dorado Mobile Home Park. He also displayed three large water filters, demonstrating that fact. We will publish his prepared remarks and photos of the filters in next week's Gazette.


It's an established fact that Liberals make our country ugly and dangerous. That's what they do.

But just because they do make things ugly and dangerous doesn't mean that they can't make things uglier and more dangerous when they put their minds to that agenda.

Take, for example, the City of San Francisco - please. Evidence of this notorious Liberal effect can almost be detected by we southerners in a strong north wind. Case in point headline: San Francisco's New DA: Public Urination 'Will Not Be Prosecuted' ... What about on the DA's steps? Nothing announced yet about dealing with number two. Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris (Senators both) - where are you?

I'll say it again, Liberals are dangerous and their natural inclination is to make things uglier.

Little Adam Schiff was recently described as unflappable. The Los Angeles congressman has been given the responsibility to orchestrate the president's impeachment. I think of Schiff as Senator Lickspittle. There is no shortage of Democratic lickspittles. In my rogues gallery of Democratic lickspittles are Eric Swalwell (always wanting to squeeze his face into the picture), and - sorry, the gallery is too long. Anyway, I lost a subscriber the last time I characterized a Democrat. All I did is describe Hillary Clinton, the most despicable Democrat in history, as the bitch goddess of untruth. What intellectually honest American can challenge the accuracy of that description? Yet it cost me a subscription of a very nice lady with beautiful handwriting.

I get these kinds of thoughts as I watch our Congress disgrace itself with this impeachment debacle, while whittling away at our Constitution. If the quality of most of the Democrats I see and hear is indicative of the state of the electorate, only prayer will save the Republic.


My apologies for the short column this week. Just had a tooth extracted.


I got quite a surprise at last night's school board meeting.

As might be expected, an overflow of teachers and family members seeking to discuss the heated issues of District budget provisions, (i.e., teacher salaries and benefits) filled the Board room.

I usually walk to the front of the room, and stand in a corner beside Board members for photos. This week was different. As I walked towards the usual place my path to the traditional spot was blocked. The man sitting in the chair simply said "NO", indicating that I should not pass. It became a dramatic standoff. I am used to placing myself there during the 31 years that I have covered School Board meetings.

But things could have gone ugly, since the clear intention of this interloper was to keep me from doing my job. It appeared that he had been instructed to do as he did. So, I quickly reminded him that I have been doing my job for 31 years (probably before he was out of diapers).

With a nod from one Board Member he moved his chair.

Victory. I guess the relationship between the Board and the Gazette has deteriorated.

Stay tuned!