President Trump has taken another major step towards strengthening our armed forces by banning all so-called transgender people from serving. This is evidence of his determination to drain the military swamp which Obama stocked with many disordered individuals.

The presence of these individuals within the ranks of traditional Judeo-Christian troops causes distraction and division. All traditionally oriented Christians know this, only those in support of transgender inclusion reject this reality. The whole LGBT agenda is fundamentally anathema to traditional Christian religion. No amount of political or financial bullying by this group or movement can ever change that fact. While individuals belonging to this group should never be wrongfully treated, they in turn have no right to inflict their beliefs upon those who practice Christian ethics and morals. The two can never accommodate each other. True freedom of choice and conscience demand a permanent distinction.

During Obama's 8 years in office, he forced his liberal will on weak leaders, including military leaders. He exposed his true colors when he showed that his most important campaign promises were unveiled to be bold lies. From his Obamacare promises to his feigned opposition to same-sex marriage, all were lies, intended for consumption by fools. Otherwise he would not have been elected. The electorate was fooled - twice. During his time he released a moral wrecking ball into traditional American government ; it will take years to recover.

His choice for Secretary of Defense, Ashton B. Carter, also opened all combat roles to women and appointed the first openly gay Army secretary. These are fundamentally corrosive to good order and military cohesion. Carter did some beneficial things for the military, but his decisions promoted "conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline" an idea recognized as damaging to military success for hundreds of years. This is also a prime example of political correctness championed by the radical Liberal Left which has demoralized Christian military men and women.

Obama fantasized over the moral infection he injected in our military, and weak military leaders cheered him on. I recall him praising an Army general living with her lesbian colonel friend on base. How many service men could salute that situation? Does anyone have any sympathy for the average, normal Christian service man or woman these days?

I have no ill will towards any LGBT followers; I do have a duty to "resist" any attacks they launch against traditional American military morals and good order. That deserves a good fight. Normal Christian service men and women deserve respect as well. They also have the right to defend the Christian culture into which they were born, raised, and now serve their country in our military. Say that in Obama's military and you would have been court martialed and dismissed from service.

Even the discussion of these issues incites a hate storm. People lacking factual convictions will always seek to disrupt a truthful dialogue, or, more frequently, employ violence to stop the conversation altogether. We see this, I'm ashamed to say, most frequently in our colleges and universities. This is evidence of the fact that most of these institutions have been infiltrated by the Left. Most of these places no longer see themselves a marketplace of ideas, formal argument and peaceful debate. Instead they have become pools of ignorant, hard Left ideologues, "useful idiots", and anti-Christian neo-socialist anarchists. They are proud of their status.

So, I salute President Trump for being a man of his word. He is quickly restoring America's governmental morals and military pride.

God bless him for that.



It's sad to see a major business like Burger King leave town. The sign on the door says that the lease is over. I would like to see an Italian restaurant come in.


He's back! Al Gore says there's still time. For a man who has made millions promoting the greatest scam in world history, I have to ask why he needs another book. AL GORE: 'There'$ $till time to avoid cata$trophe'

When I think of the sheer scale of this monstrous climate deception it boggles the mind. Is Global Warming Science Just A Fraud?

No other hoax in history has had the power that human-generated climate change has. Climate has always been changing; that's just nature doing it's thing. Extreme changes, from desert climate to Ice Age freezing is normal over time. To attribute an alleged disastrous change in climate to purely human activity has not been proven, especially by the use of fraudulent "scientific" calculations.

Trillions of dollars (U.S. tax dollars) are at stake. Honest scientists have refuted the claims of climate change globalists. China and India, the world's two dirtiest carbonizers, are too smart to cooperate with Al Gore's game plan in any significant way, i.e. beyond mere words.


I listened to a few minutes of Rush Limbaugh's program yesterday. He believes that the "establishment" including a significant number of the president's own party, together with the media and virtually all Democrats, compose the opposition to Trump's agenda. That's a formidable army to fight. Most bothersome are the Fifth-Columnists within the Republican Party.

I agree with Rush when he says none of these people want to close-out Obama care. They all support the idea of a single-payer plan, that is national health care, which means the take-over of up to a fifth of the nation's business. They are all, at heart, big government supporters - they love the Leviathan.

The politicians and talking heads continually speak of the complexity of our health care system. But it doesn't have to be complicated. Dr. Josh Umbehr, MD, has initiated a system he calls “direct medicine” or “direct primary care.” The savings can be extraordinary.

"The affordability comes from eliminating the red tape; standardizing revenue with a membership model; using wholesale cost for medications, lab tests, and supplies; and reducing the number of employees needed to run a practice. Once you do this, health care becomes incredibly affordable.

In a standard model, a doctor would have seven to ten employees per physician—largely to process the insurance claims. With our model, we’re able to reach an efficiency that allows us to have one staff member—one registered nurse—per three physicians. So right there we’re able to pass along enormous savings to the patient."

Dr. Josh Umbehr on the Concierge Medicine Revolution

Ari Armstrong


Science and Technology

From The Objective Standard, Vol. 8, No. 3.

This type of medical health plan is truly revolutionary. Everyone should view this video and read this interview by Ari Armstrong.

Congress should throw out the entire idea of Obama Care, and all other similar health care ideas being proffered by our politicians.

Again, I urge everyone who wants to find the best sort of health care (efficient and affordable) to read about " Concierge Medicine". It's truly the American way to get the job done.

Then, it's time for the Republican Party to purge itself of its RINOs. The Democrat Party is too far gone for anything but major surgery.



I have to apologize for having missed last night's council meeting. I cannot lie, it was my fault. I was watching a program on Alaska and just forgot.


The DRUDGE REPORT headlined a story about a man who mailed his severed finger into the IRS. I didn't read the whole thing, but the question remains, which finger was it?


A satanic monument is planned for a veterans memorial cemetery in Minnesota. "The monument going up for The Satanic Temple — features an upturned helmet atop a black cube — will soon be at the site of the Veterans Memorial Park in Belle Plaine.”

This is another example of just how thoroughly Liberal-Leftist action has infected our country. Last week I published an obituary in memory of a high school classmate who served 5 tours in Vietnam, earning a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and rank of Master Sergeant. I think of the millions of American heroes who gave their lives in the service of their country - not in service to Satan.

How could we explain this sort of vile blasphemy to our Founding Fathers? Was this sort of outrage ever contemplated by them when our First Amendment was conceived? Does such an infamous use relate in any logical way to freedom of religion?

Satanism must be recognized as the antithesis of religion, which is the worship God. Satanism can never have a part in religion as historically understood, and has never been protected under our First Amendment since Ratified in 1791. Satanism is a formal rejection of God, and therefore a rejection of religion. This idea was essential to the Founder's original intent. They had no idea that more than two centuries later radical Liberal anarchists would try to justify Satan worship by imbuing it with First Amendment protection. It's not that the Founders were naive, they just lived in a time of much higher Christian moral standards.

Satanism's rejection of religion could never have been more widely broadcast than at the moment Satan was damned for eternity with all his cohorts. That moment made the "big bang" look small by comparison. Satan became eternity's biggest loser, and the exclusive worship of God was reaffirmed. So religion and non-religion became forever distinguished, and was understood as such by our Founders when they penned that special freedom into our First Amendment to the Constitution. Religion was understood to be the exclusive worship of God. Satanism was recognized as an anti-religious, eternal black hole.

Put another way, as should be expected, God acted to define "religion" perfectly as a reflection of His sovereignty (First Commandment). That, at least, was what the Founders understood and believed. They knew their Christian Bible and saw to it that the themes of American law agreed with distinct fidelity. Peruse the pages of that great book, Blackstone's Commentaries, to rid any doubt about the extent to which American law firmly includes Christian Biblical thought.

I have wondered too far... This is what happens when I read of infamous attempts to project Satanism onto sacred ground, especially after learning of so many attacks against Christian monuments.

If America has fallen so low that it must, by law, accommodate every bastard, infernal Leftist desire, contrary to our sacred traditions, it's time for a massive institutional revolution.

I think, and hope, this is what President Trump with his fresh Supreme Court plans, will accomplish.


Happy Independence Day! The Day America Became Exceptional

I have reached the age when the names of high school classmates who have passed away are brought to my attention more often. It all seems a little surreal to me. Since my graduation year, 1958, the world has become a significantly different place. America has largely exchanged its traditional moral base for materialistic satisfaction. Our Founding Fathers would not recognize us today. Most of the high Christian principles they fought to the death to establish seem to have become an embarrassment to the American establishment. Liberal Progressives sitting on our Supreme Court today reject anything resembling a strict construction of our Constitution; it's a living document they claim, constantly in need of expansion and reinterpretation.
Except for formal amendment, that's not what our Founders intended, and they very carefully crafted the wording. Thank God for Americans who still set strong examples for our youth.

The memory of one particular 1958 classmate has just been refreshed, that of Alberto Antonio Sanchez, whose friends knew him as "Beto". I played football with Beto for 4 years. I remember him as a friendly, well-mannered student, serious, with a good sense of humor. We received our diplomas on the same day; I was hugely relieved that mine was actually signed.

We both entered the military that year but, as with most of my classmates, we lost touch after that. Nothing was heard of Beto over the years. Even our alumni association could not find him. Rumors spread during reunions that perhaps he was killed in Vietnam; but no one was certain. An email from our alumni association recently informed me that "Sadly, he died in September, 2015."

As I read the obituary, a flood of memories rushed back. I am in awe of Beto's accomplishments. He had become a true American hero, someone whose life should be celebrated on this Fourth of July. I only wish I had had the opportunity to meet with him before he passed. In every respect Alberto Sanchez worked through a life of heroic accomplishments. I could not find a photo of Beto to publish with this memorial, but in reading his obituary his image stands out clear and bright. What better day to celebrate his life than the Fourth of July, America's birthday!

Rest in peace Beto. Thank you for leading such an exemplary life.

Obituary for Alberto Antonio Sanchez
Albert A. Sanchez, 75 of Carthage passed away at his home on Wednesday, September 30th. A service of military honors will be performed upon the Sandhills Horticulture Gardens on Airport Road in Pinehurst on Saturday, October 10th at 1pm. He was born in Oxnard, California on January 8th, 1940 to parents Albert S. Sanchez and Ramona Sanchez. Master Sergeant Sanchez was raised in Southern California and graduated from Santa Clara High School in Oxnard. After graduating, Albert joined the United States Marine Corps where he began his 20 year career in the military. He soon transferred to the US Army where he became part of the 82nd Airborne, 5th Group Special Forces. During his lengthy career he completed 5 tours in Vietnam, earning accommodations including the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star, as well as being stationed in Germany and Panama. While stationed at Fort Bragg, NC he met and married Alice P. McCaskill in 1972 and retired from the Army at the rank of Master Sergeant in January, 1980. He then went on to pursue degrees at NC State, UNC Pembroke and received a Masters in Public Administration from Webster University at Fort Bragg. Albert then continued his service to his country through civil service at Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) where he was based in Fort Bragg, and the Central Intelligence Agency where he was based in Washington, DC. During his marriage to Alice he lived in Carthage and was a member of St Anthony's Church in Southern Pines as well as a 4th Degree member of the Knights of Columbus. Master Sergeant Sanchez is survived by his wife of 43 years, Alice Sanchez; his daughter, Angela Sanchez and her husband, Chris Abbey; his stepson, John Frye and wife Tamera, and his three grandchildren Curtis, Colby and Danielle Frye.



This morning, Wednesday, the Ventura County Sheriff's Department arrested suspects on Fourth Street near A Street for possession of illegal fireworks. The quantity of gift-wrapped boxes was substantial, filling the bed of a mid-sized pickup. More details will be available later today, but too late to make press time. Full details will be available on our website,

A word to the wise - selling, possessing, or using unauthorized fireworks brings criminal penalties. If it explodes or shoots up in the air it's illegal. Only those fireworks bought at Fillmore's booths are legal.

Please remember that we are at high risk for brush fires at this time.


President Trump is in the news now for criticizing the Washington Post's fake news. The Post's owner, Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, is set to become the richest man in the world. At a net worth of some $80 Billion, Bezos can well afford to ignore the President of the United States.

He has created a business plan that seems to defy the law of perpetual motion. Nothing seems able to slow his cash flow. Who else could receive a notice telling him that his holdings have just increased by $5 billion - in one day? Maybe a half-dozen others. Only a few things could bring these wannabe trillionaires down; utter collapse of the dollar, collapse of the internet/electrical grid, a thermonuclear world war, or the ever present unknown (natural catastrophe - asteroid). Until such things should happen Bezos and his buddies will luxuriate as happily as Scrooge McDuck in his money bin.

The world's financial infrastructure has been turned on its head since the digital revolution. This situation with mega-wealth, together with artificial intelligence, is consuming us all. Big business, like big government, wants to control everything. Amazon is a good example. It recently consumed Whole Foods, in order to implement robotic management, which will exclude human workers to make it more competitive.

The nineteenth century Luddites worried about the same thing, devaluing human labor by introducing the machine (robots today). They ended up destroying the machines. When I think about the growing population today and its need to find work to sustain themselves in the future, while industry strives to eliminate as much human labor as possible, I have to ask, what's going to happen? Will government just take over in 1984 Orwellian fashion? I don't hear the Titans of industry saying anything about creating more jobs for the average person lacking technical skills. Nor do I foresee the Titans spending some of their billions on schools to produce practical technicians for the future.

Most important, however, is to create new, high quality, trade schools to educate millions of young Americans to fill the millions of high paying jobs desperately needed in industry. Skilled workers in steel, mechanics, plumbing, welding, carpentry, masonry, electronics, etc. are needed now. These schools require highly qualified, experienced teachers and instructors. President Trump agrees with this idea as well. Ask what underwater welding pays, or aircraft mechanics, and much more. They all pay well and the jobs are begging to be filled.

Well, I'm a little off the subject. I guess my basic thought here is to encourage these mega-billionaires to spend some time building-up the practical skills of our youth, especially those who have little interest in typical college education. They might find far more value, and satisfaction, in spending a couple of years at a new, high end, trade school, where they would come out with the ability to immediately support themselves and their families, instead of paying off a heavy debt.

I have wondered afar today. But, I've always thought about the creation a first class, high end vocations center for the young men and women who find greater satisfaction working with their hands. Everyone admires a skilled tradesman, or woman. There has always been powerful gratification in creating, building, fixing, or restoring things. And, these occupations usually pay very well, a living wage.



Two weeks ago I wrote a column in support of Fillmore School District Superintendent, Adrian Palazuelos. He is criticized by the teacher's union on several counts, including this year's school calendar, and salary issues now in negotiations.

After the meeting I met with one of the distinguished teachers whom I have known for many years. We discussed the issue of our Superintendent's handling of teacher's affairs and his relationship with the union. The complaints voiced to me were clear. I promised to look into the whole situation (District-teacher-union-student) and return with another editorial in as fair and equitable way possible.

This would be a large undertaking, dealing also with student conduct and discipline. It could not be done in one week with my schedule and small staff, and has not begun as yet.

That was before psychotic Democrat activists began assassination attempts against Republican federal officeholders. Tiny as the Gazette is, I thought it more important to comment on the possible suicide of the Democratic Party (activated by surreal hatred of Republicans) than local school fisticuffs.

That said, I was given to understand the displeasure of that teacher and her union cohorts with my failure to address this important issue. Let the world know that I still intend to spout my opinion on the state of Fillmore school challenges. But, to be fair, let the world also know that the District is undertaking many projects to improve and reclaim school assets this summer - including resurfacing the football field.



I'm concerned about the continuing unlawful restrictions being placed upon entry to the southern Sespe Creek access. The newly erected Ventura County fence and decades long belligerent resistance of the resident in the first house at the entry point, are keeping the public out of the famous Creek.

I have personally called on the Sheriff's Department to have that house owner cease and desist his unlawful halting of Sespe Creek public entry, without success, due to his hiding tactics. This year I intend to see legal action taken, by County, State, and Federal agencies to open the Sespe to the public.

Despite years of drought, especially effecting the southern end of the 30-plus mile long Creek, it is still designated a "navigable river" by state and federal authority. This blockage of access is unlawful, with criminal consequences. Public access to the Sespe is a State Constitutional Right. The homeowner and County (see are informed of this fact but choose to ignore notices.

Less than a dozen people living within the first mile of the southern access way enjoy special protection by the practical cut-off at the entry. Those, whose homes and trailers are privileged to enjoy this enclave, have access, and a special suspension footbridge. Everyone else is kept out.

This is an outrage the rest of us do not have to tolerate if our public authorities will do their jobs.
Let's make the summer of 2017 the time when access to our famous Sespe Creek is opened to everyone as the law demands. Federal and state law permits all normal recreational activities within the high-water level of all navigable bodies of water in the United States. This includes "camping, swimming, hunting, rafting,..." within the high-water mark of Sespe Creek. This also includes tubing down Piru Creek, as some land owners have had to learn the hard way.

Next week I will publish state and federal law showing that obstruction to Sespe Creek public access is unlawful, with criminal consequences. I challenge any state, federal, or private legal authority to show my statements concerning Sespe Creek to be false.

It's time to tear down this Sespe Creek access wall. It's time to prosecute those who refuse to conform to the law.

See you at the Swallows Nest.


The Democratic Party fighting cocks have come home to roost, with their spurs covered with fresh blood.

Today, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot by a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter who was out to kill Republicans. I'm sick of the Liberal media blaming conservatives for the violence taking place all over America. I'm waiting for the Liberals to launch their typical attack on lawful gun owners now, and firearms in general. It's all a vicious lie to cover Liberal naiveté.

Trump's unprecedented electoral win has caused the Democrat Left to slip into pathological instability, and a state of political civil war now exists.

This description is not hyperbolic. One has only to review the thousands of psychotic expressions of searing personal hatred of Donald Trump to understand this. Trump's win has set off an emotional tectonic movement within the ranks of the Liberal-Left. This is an historic demonstration of Liberal-Left cerebral rot, an intense Antisocial Personality Disorder. This explains Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Kathy Griffin, all of the cable news programs excepting FOX, nearly all of Hollywood, nearly all of academia, and Never-Trumpers.

This is a snapshot of reality today in the United States. It's a picture of free-floating, irrational, self-sustaining hate, the core of a radical Liberal-Democrat. Its only justification - to destroy the product of American Constitutional democracy.

This white hot Liberal political degeneracy will very soon morph into an in-your-face, bloody conflagration. We are headed from a true political civil war to a physical civil war.

Just think of the huge amount of time and expense wasted on false news reports of alleged Russian collusion with the Trump camp. Nothing whatever has been uncovered. But watch the Liberal cable stations to see this determination to get Trump thrown out of office, or completely interfere with his agenda. Nothing on this scale has ever happened in American politics before.

Former FBI Director Comey should have been fired long ago. Actually, he should never have been allowed to come into the Trump administration from the Obama team. When he refused to indict Hillary Clinton on any of the numerous felonies she committed his status as a dirty cop became obvious.

The Democrat Party is bringing our nation down, at a time of maximum military peril. I believe our political system is falling apart. Our courts, and most of our judicial system is corrupt, particularly the Circuit Courts of Appeal - which handles most of our trials.

America may be distracted at the present time, but Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are focused like lasers. The Bard would describe them as having lean and hungry looks.


I attended the regular Fillmore School District meeting last night. I think I have one black shirt to my name, which I wore to that meeting. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the plan by the teachers attending the meeting en mass was to wear black, signifying solidarity.

I mention this not to criticize others wearing black to the meeting, only to explain that I had no part to play in the confrontation between teachers, the teacher's union, and the school board.

That said, confrontation it was. As usual, the issue centered on money, salaries. The school calendar, tentatively approved at the meeting, was attacked by teachers for eliminating the October break. A full week off during Thanksgiving is up for negotiation instead.

I confess that I've gotten behind in my understanding of current school politics. I'm trying to catch up.

Frankly, I left the meeting after 45 minutes due to what I deemed as overkill in abusive attacks on our Superintendent, Dr. Adrian Palazuelos. I want to hear both sides fairly and clearly. Excessive, quasi-disorderly expressions of disagreement only fog my vision. Teachers attending the meeting (about 50) made their disapproval of the Superintendent loud and clear by reading a letter of no confidence, which followed a vote of the teachers reaching the same conclusion.

The problem I face, entering this confrontation so late, is a lack of recent historical information. I've been dealing with some serious distractions which I hope to correct starting this week.

Having witnessed past years of serious scandal in both school district operations and teacher's union activities (well documented) for objectivity's sake I enter the fray cautiously.

I know how hard our teachers work to educate our children; I am also aware of the diligence with which our Superintendent pursues his job, and the many improvements he continually achieves.

In the midst of the "no confidence" beat-down Dr. Palazuelos endured at last night's meeting, I have to note that Board Member Virginia de la Piedra made it very clear that the entire Board has strong confidence in the Superintendent. I wish meetings like this could provide an organized pro and con format to avoid such a one-sided avalanche of opinion.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that following Dr. Palazuelos' work ethic, accomplishments, and vision for our District, I also hold him in high esteem. His integrity is obvious. He expressed true happiness when he purchased a home in Fillmore and moved his family here. His intentions have always been to improve District functions by reforming them. District functions have been in need of reformation for a long time - but such action always brings pain to those who cling to the status quo. I heard a loud "ouch!" from teachers last night.

I don't for a moment wish to ignore the honest concerns of our teachers as expressed at last night's meeting. What would be most welcome, however, is a little more formal respect in voicing those demands. I think teachers, parents, and students alike would be much better served by more civility. Let's have a clear expression of specific demands and a clear response to the same - with a little more patience, a little more reciprocity.



I want to wish Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful persons I have known - Floreine Data, who will be celebrating her 100th birthday on June 8. Floreine's husband, Henry James "Hank" Data, passed away in 2012. Hank and Floreine were married for 72 years.

I first met Floreine and Hank in 1989 when the Gazette was first published. I think Floreine and Hank were the kindest, most thoughtful couple it has ever been my pleasure to know.

Happy Birthday and God bless you Floreine. I know Hank is smiling down upon you on this very special day.


I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Special City Council and Board of Education Joint meeting Tuesday at the Fillmore High School Farm. My thanks to all those responsible for serving that delicious BBQ meal. Many thanks also to the Future Farmers of America members who did such a great job as servers. These occasional joint meetings give these two groups a chance to discuss important issues relating to both while having a little fun.


On to less pleasant issues from the DRUDGE REPORT.

CNN has fired Kathy Griffin from their annual New Year’s Eve program, which she co-hosted with anchor Anderson Cooper. Griffin is among the several foul-mouthed radical liberals who populate the liberal left media. I'm surprised that CNN did the right thing by firing her for appearing in a video where she pretends to present the president's bloody, severed head to the public. Griffin is vile and disgusting, like so much of the Never Trump media.


" LA law enforcement high alert after gangs threaten officers..."
It's time to deal with this country's criminal gangs the way we treat foreign and domestic terrorists - directly and violently. They constitute a clear and present threat to American safety. They are violent predators who have no respect for human life and property. They share the absence of human conscience that Islamic terrorist groups exhibit.

It will take large, cooperating units of police and military, specially trained for urban warfare to get the job done effectively. Our police forces have enough crime to tackle without taking on large-scale anti-gang movements. After all, gangs like the metastasizing MS-13 are no different from ISIS, except in scale. They need to be exterminated.

Chicago, and elsewhere, report an increase in the use of long guns in gang activity. This escalates the danger to such an extent that new, harsher laws are needed mandating extremely long sentences even for possession of long guns. Where anyone is killed with such weapons, the death penalty should also be mandated. Law-abiding citizens of sound mind should not have their Constitutional right to keep and bear such arms "infringed".

The clear language of our Constitution declares "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The Founding Fathers also declared this, and all other rights announced by our Constitution, to be God-given, not merely government-sanctioned privileges. Criminal gangs steal our freedoms. The Second Amendment defends American citizens against such crimes.

Our professional defenders of freedom are American police and military organizations, whom we must always strongly support. Inextricable with this honorable group, and the primary recipients of this protection, are American citizens themselves, standing ready to assure that their God-given rights do not become mere privileges. These are the fundamental issues of the American way of life, which make us truly exceptional in this world.


I might as well start out with some happy news - our Swimming Pool Opens Monday, May 29 at 6:30 AM. Join in the fun!

Dog lovers will also be happy to learn that Fillmore will soon have that long-awaited DOG PARK.


Our city has made incredible progress, which can be seen in our new 2017-18 budget. See it in full at Our City Council and City Manager, David Rowlands, can be proud of their work.


Like him or not, much credit has to be given to President Trump for his successful trip to the Middle East and Europe. The Arabs show great respect for him and have a new commitment to work with him to defeat radical Islamic terror. One of the largest trade deals ever made can be attributed to Trump's influence. The world has come to know Donald Trump as a true, strong leader - everything that Barack Obama never was. The Arabs feel stronger and more confident facing the likes of Iran.

Let's give credit where it's due!

Now, it's time to tone-down the politics and pass a health bill and a new federal budget. It's also time to catch those, Republicans and Democrats, who are committing felonies by leaking national secrets. I'm astonished by the most recent leaking of private conversations by the President. We may just run out of secrets to leak. DOJ, FBI - get moving!

North Korea's missile and atomic weapons capabilities must, soon, be destroyed. It would be a horrendous undertaking, placing South Korea and Japan in tremendous jeopardy, but it must be done to defend the U.S. as well as our allies.

Iran should also be on the front sight. Since North Korea and Iran have shared atomic secrets for years, it's naive to think North Korea has not shared its atomic bomb technology with Iran. Therefore we should assume Iran has the same bomb know-how as North Korea, i.e. has the bomb. Both countries have advanced missiles.

Russia and China have both contributed to Iran's and North Korea's nuclear capabilities, for years. So, with this nest of vipers frantically developing their ability to make war, we should expect to be in a new war very soon.
Will the Senate and House see to it that our military is prepared? Our military is so dangerously depleted of men, ships, aircraft and necessary defensive technology, we are extraordinarily vulnerable. One quick example: We have no mobile electromagnetic pulse weapon to counter Russia's, and probably China's. Do a search - this is huge. Again, I'm sorry to be in such a hurry this week.


I'm so fed-up with the fraudulent attacks upon President Trump by the radical Left, I'm down to watching what's left of FOX news, exclusively. I witnessed the media feeding frenzy against Nixon and watched the same sort of thing when Judge Bork was going through his confirmation hearing, and Judge Thomas with Anita Hill. They were all incessantly bloody. These attacks exemplify historical Democratic Party tactics.

This time the attacks come from every side. It's as though Trump walked into a hornets' nest. Every leak is like a sting and every sting is designed to cripple the President. The country has never seen anything like this before, with Democrats, Republicans (Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich., Sen. John McCain, Az), the media, academia (for what it's worth), and the judiciary, undermining the presidency.

Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for American Center for Liberty & Justice, describes this activity as: "It's a manufactured crisis that puts our national security at stake.

The deep state shadow government once again leaked highly classified information, but even worse, created a crisis out of whole cloth. It's called fake news.

The President of the United States met with the Russian Foreign Minister about radical Islam terrorism. Someone in the shadow government selectively leaked false and misleading information. The biased news media blew up the story because it fit their narrative.

First, the President has the absolute authority to share counterterrorism information with other nations. Second, the leaker violated federal law. Third, the media was all too happy to manipulate the truth. "

The United States is at the present time, literally, in a state of political civil war. It is the radical Left against the Right, with the presidency, and our security at risk.

The only cable news I can trust now is what's left of FOX. It's time for patriotic conservatives to strike back.
All this talk of impeachment, at a time of imminent threats from our most determined enemies is not much short of treason itself.

Speaking of treason: "She [Chelsea Manning] was freed 28 years early because President Barack Obama, in one of his final acts, commuted the bulk of her remaining sentence. Ms. Manning was known as Pvt. Bradley Manning in 2010 when she was arrested on suspicion of having copied hundreds of thousands of secret military and diplomatic files from a classified computer network, to which she had access as a low-level intelligence analyst at a forward operating base in Iraq."

But God knows him as Pvt. Bradley Manning. Private Manning should have been executed for his treason, and no one can be forced to ignore reality.


I had to miss an opportunity last week to rant against the KB Home plan to build 104 housing units at the southern end of Central Avenue - including 77 three-story condos. It maddens me that our Planning Commission would approve such a structural nightmare for our city.

The 3-story condominium concept will always be a loser. Three stories-worth of stairs is a substantial inconvenience, and more of a challenge to our emergency departments. Climbing three flights of stairs with fire department equipment is much more difficult than fighting a fire on the first or second floor.

377 residents are projected to live in the 144 units, but it's unrealistic to believe this number will not be exceeded. And as for the estimated 233 new cars for those 377 new residents - does anyone believe this number will not be exceeded? And what about motorcycles and motor homes? Just imagine how hectic the traffic will be, especially on Central Avenue and River Streets, already too narrow. We can count on anger-inducing parking wars for the next 75 years!

Frankly, I have always questioned the wisdom of building any structure in the Riverbed as KB plans to do. In the 28 years I have lived in Fillmore, I have recorded two floods in particular which filled the Santa Clara River to the very top - with whitecaps! Nothing in nature has anything quite like the bulldozing power of water. I know, the engineers have it all worked out, and we know they never make mistakes. It's a little late to warn against building in riverbeds.

In short, the KB plan is a monstrous insult to Fillmore's historical Craftsman look, far too crowded, cluttered, and out of place. I predict we will be dealing with tenements within 20 years. How many of us would like to run up and down 3 flights of stairs every day?

Contact our City Council members! Urge them to demand major changes in the number of 3-story condos. With the proposed sand trucks this will be a perfect storm for decades to come.


A few thoughts from DRUDGE.

Good riddance to FBI Director Comey. Trump should have fired him months ago. When I heard Comey's reasons for not indicting Hillary Clinton I knew he was a phony. Any first-year law school student would have failed his criminal law class for daring to answer questions on Hillary's email issues with Comey's excuses. Hillary Clinton has turned out to be the most prolific felon in all of American history. In failing to indict her Comey has disgraced his profession and demonstrated to the American people that "equal justice under (constitutional) law" has become a farce.

In Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East, enemies of America are staged and trigger-ready to strike our interests. Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea, have been building-up their offensive military weapons for years. Under the Obama administration America's military forces have been greatly diminished. If we have some advantage in quality (even that questionable now) our enemies have a large advantage in numbers.

The most immediate threat is both atomic and by electromagnetic pulse, derived by atomic means. Each of our enemies has atomic weapons (if North Korea has atomic weapons, assume Iran does also) and each is capable of attacking by means of electromagnetic pulse.

Russia has already used this EMP on American warships: "...a single Russian war plane flew several times around American destroyer the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea several years ago, disabling its systems and leaving it helpless. The report also claims they are capable to creating electronic jamming domes over their bases that make them invisible on radar screens."Russia claims its 'electronic bomb' can wipe out entire US Navy...

North Korea has launched two satellites. The recent explosion of one of its missiles at an altitude of 72 kilometers was not, as reported, a failure. It is now claimed that that is the altitude at which an atomic explosion could paralyze America's electronics through EMP.

So, common sense tells us we are near to a world war that America is less than fully prepared to defend against. We have some EMP capability as well but it is not deployed, as Russia's is.

And the Democrat Party has qualms about more funding for our military?


I can't let go of the fact that KB Homes is insisting on building 104 condo units, including 77 3-story units. 375 people are expected to be crammed into this mini-town with their 233 new cars. This monstrosity of a plan will immediately change Fillmore's small, friendly character FOREVER.

We can see how crowded River Street is already with insufficient parking and heavy traffic. Planners may love narrow streets to slow traffic, but homeowners and drivers see that this makes things more crowded. I can only imagine what a beehive of traffic and mis-parked cars this proposed housing development will be.

It's zoned high density, but there should be reasonable limits to this density, which this plan seems to ignore. I ask how low can "high density" go and still comply with the city's housing element. We are talking about 77 3-story condos here!

I find it remarkable that this plan cleared the Planning Commission. It's so obviously terrible and destructive of our town's housing character. Just imagine a few family celebrations in that mini-town. Where would guests park? What about traffic and parking during national holidays? This plan is a looming nightmare.

The plan itself lacks imagination. As the Council points out, the colors are drab, the architecture not in keeping with Fillmore's existing housing. The structures are a hodgepodge of sameness, a confused conglomeration of small, undesirable 3-story condos - that's a lot of steps! The plan would be undesirable for Fillmore if all units were 2-story. It's just too congested.

The city should meet KB in court over the profound unreasonableness of the plan. It will be expensive (no doubt that's what KB is counting on). But the alternative is having to deal with this ugly, crowded, out-of-place "collection" of condo units - for generations.

The issue here is reasonableness - of an unacceptable plan, on such a small site, in such a small town. If ugliness were a recognized tort I would sue KB. At the very least this plan needs major deconstruction.

Remember: We're talking about 77 3-story condos!


In a pinch for time as usual.

It looks like Bill O’Reilly is out at FOX. I will miss his opinions, but he brought it upon himself. FOX will never be the same. How many warnings does it take?


The world has not been this close to all-out war since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Our enemies will assist each other in going after America. Thanks to that pathetic fool, former President Obama, we can no longer take our superpower status for granted.

Russia is now an immediate, clear and present threat. Putin's statement that he could wipe-out the entire US Navy with his electromagnetic pulse "bomb", may be close to the truth. This capacity was demonstrated against one of our best Destroyers in the Black Sea a couple of years ago. Two Russian fighter-bombers flew round our ship twice which shut down all electronics on-board. No radar left, nothing.

This weapon has already been widely distributed throughout the Russian military. Last I heard, we had one "under development". Maybe our enemies will wait to make it a fair fight?

With North Korea to deal with, and Russia threatening the US, this places America in grave danger. And, I'm not crying "wolf." World peace has never, in my life, been so threatened with massive destabilization as now.


KB Homes has waited for a number of years to begin building on its property south of Central Avenue and River Street. From what I heard of the conversation between KB Homes representatives and the Fillmore City Council last night, it may take longer still before any concrete is poured.

The entire Council is unhappy with KB's project design. Most object to the parking availability, color scheme, the "boxy", collection appearance, 3-story units, etc. It just doesn't fit the Fillmore "look".

The fact that the Council learned that KB had filed a lawsuit that day against the city didn't help the situation. It appeared to many that KB seeks to "blackmail" the city - approve the modifications we seek or meet us in court. KB denies this, but their denials don't carry much weight. KB's lawsuit is, of course, entirely legal, but it tends to poison the relationship.

I agree with the Council. The project stinks, particularly the parking and traffic issues. This would create a traffic nightmare on River Street. The project would fit perfectly in some place like Santa Clarita, but not Fillmore. And, who can like 3-story housing projects?


An ironic natural phenomenon happened this week in Malibu. That same City of Malibu which is seeking to "renourish" its Broad Beach dunes with thousands of truckloads of sand from the Grimes Canyon quarry. Here's a link: Mountain collapses in Malibu....

I suggested that they find the needed sand in their own back yard. Nature seem to agree with me. And, as that beach continues to erode with the waves and tide, as it naturally will, all Malibu has to do is dig away in its own back yard. But they should hurry because "Time and tide wait for no man."


I think there is a real chance for us to go to war again. Instead of Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini, we now have Putin, Kim Jong-un, and whomever now runs Iran. Virtually all of America's enemies are now nuclear-armed, and each is eager to show off its weaponry.

Of these current foes, war with Iran and North Korea is inevitable. With Iran, because it is a true believer in historic Islam's goal to kill or conquer all non-believers in the world, and it says the time has come. North Korea, because the beloved leader is completely crazy.

At least we now have a president who is unafraid to confront our enemies and is determined to rebuild our military capabilities.

He is also unabashed about his belief in God. I just wonder if he's got the time to bring it all together.


Every citizen of Fillmore should be alerted to the attempt by the City of Moorpark and the City of Malibu to funnel more than 400 new daily truckloads of sand from the Grimes Canyon quarry, through Fillmore, and down to Malibu.

This is an extraordinary abuse of truck traffic norms on Highway 23 through our city. Fillmore has joined the County of Ventura to halt the trucking agreement. Please refer to story on Front Page.

It's time to call your Congressman.


I just had to watch some of the Democrat Party filibuster because it is the first time in American history that this ploy has been used to prevent the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee. But this filibuster was just a last minute tantrum by Dem. Senators because it was a known futile effort. It forces the Republican Senators to ignite the "nuclear option", which guarantees Judge Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed as our newest Supreme Court Justice in a few days.

We have never had a more worthy nominee for the Supreme Court than Neil Gorsuch. His qualifications, character, and judicial record are impeccable. In scoring his 2,700 decisions during his 10-years on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 97 percent were in the majority. And Dems. question whether he is in the "mainstream"?

The Dem. Senators have behaved disgracefully during the Judge's hearing. Gorsuch's professional stature is so far above his mediocre, craven critics the comparison is ridiculous.

The contest between Republican winners and Democrat losers is so hectic and heated, the business of normal governance has become a dangerous blur.

President Trump looks better every day. The Democratic Party is in a state of self-inflicted collapse.

I say hurray for the nuclear option. A simple up-or-down vote, with simple majority deciding the winner is what the Constitution calls for.

God bless Judge Neil Gorsuch for enduring months of defamation. He will be a superb Justice.


The City of Fillmore and Ventura County are appealing a court ruling that approved a contract between Moorpark and the Broad Beach Geologic Hazard Abatement District to haul sand from Grimes Canyon to Malibu to resurrect a vanished beach.

Grimes Canyon has apparently not been finalized as the source for the sand, but the stage is set. This idea of replenishing the sand on Broad Beach by this means is preposterous, dangerous, and about as anti-environmental as one could imagine.

"The plan, officially known as a “beach nourishment project,” is designed to replace sand after a dramatic shrinking of the beach due to erosion since 2008." The scale of the plan is Homeric. An estimated 43,000 truck trips over the course of the first stage in the project, or 420 trips per day on Highway 126 from the City of Moorpark [Grimes Canyon] through Fillmore." And, of course, those trucks have to return for more sand.

Highway 23 to Fillmore is one of the most winding roadways in the county, with hairpin turns and 300-foot cliffs. "The 10-year plan, approved by the California Coastal Commission earlier this month, will allow residents to import 300,000 cubic yards of sand every five years to rebuild sand dunes lost over the years due to pounding storms and high tides."

The $31-million Broad Beach renewal project would have trucks transporting sand to Malibu by way of 43,000 one-way trips through Fillmore and Santa Paula for three to five months at a time for up to 20 years. The plan is dangerously ridiculous in many ways.

First, the entire effort will most likely be futile. Erosion will continue to occur. Malibu has plenty of money (enough to change the tides?) to pay for such nonsense, and the quarry won't run out of sand; but everything related to this transfer will suffer enormous damage and cause great danger. Running hundreds of double-belly-dump rigs over Grimes Canyon would nearly shut down this important corridor to normal traffic. Traffic would be constantly backed-up. I witnessed one such truck overturn at Hwy. 23 and Hwy. 126 when the driver took the left turn too fast.

One solution to avoid this disastrous idea might be to reestablish the beach by dredging off- shore. After all, that's where the sand went. Dredges aren't pretty, but they work. Or maybe Malibu could start chewing away at the cliffs behind the beach front. It's the same kind of stuff that Grimes Canyon has, and it would be immediately available. Even if this unlikely plan succeeded that success would be swept away with the first big storm - that's what waves and tides do.

I try to visualize that constant train of hundreds of truckloads of sand traveling down Grimes Canyon, through Fillmore, Santa Paula, Ventura, Oxnard, down Hwy. 101 to Malibu - for years. There would be an exponential increase of traffic accidents and massive breakdown of roadways.

Find the man who concocted this nightmarish idea, and FIRE HIM!

That's just a beach too far.


The Fillmore Flashes are celebrating the arrival of their new head football coach, Corey Cole! You can read part of his many achievements on page one.

Welcome, Corey. We're looking forward to your first season with the Flashes.


I haven't had time to check out DRUDGE today. At a glance, however, I see too much really bad news.
The rape of that 14-year-old girl by two recently arrived illegal aliens makes me furious. That poor girl will never completely recover from that outrageous attack. Our schools fail to the extent they are run by liberal operators. Liberalism is the face of social and economic disaster.

The remedy in this case? I recall a solution offered by the late-great William F. Buckley, Jr. in another rape case: "...sever the offending member."

President Trump is facing the same liberal-Left enemies of the state. We are truly in a Constitutional war. It's been going on for more than 60 years. The crux of the problem can be stated very simply: Is the Constitution to be understood by the close reading of its plain language? Or are the words so weak and flexible as to conform to any judge's personal ideology? The Second Amendment is the clearest example of Leftist targeting. Its language is as clear as any one of the Ten Commandments.

The next two appointments to the Supreme Court will determine America's future. Today, the failed Democrat Party will pay any price to bring that future down to its level. We are watching years of liberal government disintegrate our traditions.

Our justice system is collapsing under the weight of hundreds of fraudelent judges and their hedonistic liberal decisions.

Listening to Senator Whitehouse yesterday during the Gorsuch hearings exemplified the problem for me. He is a true ideological fool; all politics. Hearing Judge Gorsch's response was the antidote to Whitehouse's blather. Whitehouse is a true swamp creature.

Congress must institute term limits to truly flush-out the swamp.


This is a very sad week for Fillmore, A 3-year-old girl was struck and killed in Piru by her father. The accident is under investigation. Our condolences to the family


Snoop Dogg? I've heard this name on the media from time to time for years but never really knew who he was or what he did to become, apparently, rich and famous. Now I see he used to be some kind of pop artist, popular with the ignorant, Leftist dead-enders.

He' made a video, Snoop Dogg shooting a clown-faced Trump stand-in with a toy gun. This goes beyond the protections of our First Amendment because he is actually inciting the assignation of the President of the United States. He is part of the cancerous Left wing liberal remains of the Democrat Party. That Party needs to be disinfected.


I watched Rachel Maddow on MSNBC last night. I watch that channel for amusement from time to time. She kept teasing the audience with what she planned to spring later in the show. The whole staff seemed to be in a tizzy. Then it happened! Rachel thrust her prize towards the camera - two pages of Donald Trump's 1040 tax returns. she was apparently ignorant of the fact that the Wall Street Journal had published them a couple of years ago, without the fanfare.

The two stolen pages revealed that Trump had paid $38 million on income of $150 million that year. That's more than MSNBC COMCAST [24%]... MUCH HIGHER THAN OBAMA [19%]... AND BERNIE [13%]!. reat favor by showing that MSNBC and the rest of the Leftist media are liars. Who wants to watch habitual liars - sounds too much like Clinton again.


Maddow, touted as a major brain in the Leftist media, lost her mind at that moment. But she did Donald Trump a big favor by showing, again, what liars most of the media are.


It's past time for the Never-Trumpers and the Republican traitors in Congress, to let go. Time to give the President the opportunity to get his work done. These are extraordinarily dangerous times to be sabotaging our Commander-in-Chief.


The distrust between Republicans and Democrats today is at an historic high. Since the Democrats, unwittingly determined to obliterate the remains of their party, embrace the toxic demons of the far Left to assist in the fray, the nation is under a dark cloud. That cloud obscures our enemy's obvious agenda. It is a deadly distraction. The Democratic Party's blind, hate-driven, Never Trump attacks make it a clear and present danger to national security. Members of the DNC are in need of psychiatric assistance.

This political war has had one beneficial effect. It has clearly revealed the extent of government surveillance mechanisms, created by Congress, to spy on American citizens - all American citizens. Our NSA, etc. now provides relief for old-fashioned paranoiacs. Maybe a cure, since their fears are now proven justified. But for most Americans these revelations only stimulate anger, frustration, and a demands to regulate the system, if possible. The thing to remember is that these secret agencies have been tracking, recording, and storing every key-stroke and conversation of every citizen, for years. The power for that task alone is nearly unbelievable. Reasonable people may also believe that this information, gathered from all government agencies as well as citizens, is also available to our enemies. Secretary Clinton (still un-chastened) let the world know our secrets through her illegal bathroom server, for 4 years. so the secret is out - there are none left. WikiLeaks tells us that less than 10 percent of its cash of information has been revealed to date.

Our domestic-political turmoil is observed by our four principal enemies, Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. Each is a nuclear-armed nation (with Iran soon to be) enthralled by the prospect of attacking America. Our military leaders tell us that defense assets are smaller today than at any time since pre-WWI. (That's a one, not a two). We cannot fix our deficiencies with a snap of our Commander-in-Chief's finger. For example, our newest aircraft carrier (the Ford) will not be ready for two more years! All ground-fighting services are severely undermanned, while the Air Force has to repair its planes with used parts. Eight years with Barak Obama as Commander-in-Chief has placed the United States in serious peril.

A recent DRUDGE headline: " Russian Military Expert: Quietly Seeding U.S. Shoreline With Nuke 'Mole' Missiles... I wish they wouldn't do that.

Let's look at a few other interesting notices. " COULD NKOREA STRIKE HAWAII? The answer is, of course, yes. Though the Empire of Japan tried this once, with temporary success, we were, again, unprepared. And another: " China urges deal to avert 'head-on collision'... Preposterous as it may seem, China is well on its way to claiming the entire South China Sea as its own. Who is expected to defend against this offensive? China is spoiling for a fight, but it will settle for a successful intimidating threat.

I fear that President Trump does not have enough time to prepare our defenses. Democrats won't even let him fill cabinet positions in a timely fashion. We are approaching a time when each of our enemies can join together to trounce our fleet in Southeast Asia. Without using atomic weapons we could not defend against swarms of missile attacks.

As always, I wish I had more time.