2020 Fillmore Flower Show

Courtesy Jan Lee

Even though the Fillmore Flower Show has been a tradition in town for over 100 years, this year it had to be cancelled because of stay-at-home restrictions. However, gardeners are very special people. We know your yard and house plants are looking especially beautiful this year. The Fillmore Civic Pride Committee wants to give everybody an opportunity to display their flowers.

Post them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheFillmoreFlowerShow

Don’t limit your posts to just flowers. Create a bouquet (flowers all the same type) or an arrangement (variety of flowers). Maybe you have a potted plant that is particularly pretty. Or maybe a dish garden you’d like others to see. One of the more popular divisions has been miniature arrangements, not to exceed 4”x 4” or 10” x 10”. The theme for the Show this year is Fairy Tales and Flowers. Go to fillmoreflowershow.org to read about all the divisions and to view the BEAUTIFUL poster created by Joseph Bagley.

The Committee has been working hard to recruit more and more Fillmore residents to enter the Fillmore Flower Show. This year you don’t even have leave your house to enter! But we’ll miss the beautiful music by Becky Morales and Barry Cooper, the plant boutique and the Garden Café. Those will all be back next year. This year, snap some photos and post them for all of us to enjoy. Tell your friends.