Fillmore Flower Show April 9th & 10th

By Jan Lee

Last week you read about the divisions for single stem flowers. This week you will learn about potted plants and dish gardens.

Maybe your garden isn’t blooming. Maybe you just haven’t planted roses or iris or any other flowers yet. No worries! Perhaps you have a potted plant or a dish garden that you have been nurturing for years. Bring those to the Flower Show!

Division VII—Potted Plants
A single variety in a container that is not too heavy to be carried by the exhibitor. Some people have very large potted plants. We’d love for you to enter them, but we can’t carry it for you. The Classes in this division are: African violets, Orchids, Cacti and Succulents, Other. There have been some beautiful entries in this division over the years. Show us what you have grown.

Division VIII—Dish Gardens
As in the potted plants division, the exhibitor must be able to carry their dish garden in to the display area. You can be very creative in this category. Put as many different plants together as you think makes a great display. Succulents are popular. What container would express the theme of the flower show, “Farie Tales and Flowers”?

In case you forgot, The Fillmore Flower Show is April 9 and 10 at the Active Adult Center, 533 Santa Clara Street, Fillmore. Entries are accepted from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Adults pay $5 no matter how many entries they have. All youth entries are FREE. Public viewing is from 1-4 p.m. both days. The judging begins at 10, so don’t be late in bringing your entry.

At a youth table, children will be able to plant a succulent to take home. This could be the beginning of a potted plant or dish garden for next year’s show! There will be many varieties for sale at the plant boutique.

Please plan to enter or at least view Fillmore Flower Show this year. It is really a fun event. For more information see: