FUSD and FUTA Have Reached a Tentative Agreement
Fillmore Unified School District
Fillmore Unified School District

The Fillmore Unified School District (FUSD) met with representatives from the Fillmore Unified Teachers Association (FUTA) on November 25, 2019, for the third mediation session. The mediation session was held at the District Office (627 Sespe Avenue, Fillmore, California) beginning at 9:14 AM. FUSD and FUTA reached a Tentative Agreement at 3:39 PM on Monday, November 25, 2019.

The District and FUTA agree to maintain the terms of the July 1, 2016-2019 collective bargaining agreement between the parties status quo for that term, plus one additional year, through June 30, 2020, except for the following modifications:

1. All certificated bargaining unit salary schedules, with the exception of the Hourly/Daily Extra Pay Certificated Assignment schedule shall be increased by 4.0% effective July 1, 2018. All certificated bargaining unit members actively employed by Fillmore Unified School District on June 30, 2019 shall be eligible for all retroactive pay.

2. All certificated bargaining unit salary schedules, with the exception of the Hourly/Daily Extra Pay Certificated Assignment schedule shall be increased by 2.5% effective July 1, 2019.

3. Health and Welfare Benefits under Article 5 shall remain status quo.

4. Article 19, Class Size, shall be modified as stated in the signed April 24, 2019 tentative agreement (attached hereto as Exhibit 1).

5. The parties’ signed February 26, 2019 Tentative Agreement for the MOU on Collaboration shall not be implemented.

6. For the 2019-2020 school year, the parties shall implement their February 26, 2019
Working Agreement for one additional middle school grade level chair at 6th grade (attached hereto as Exhibit 2).

7. The parties agree to defer implementation of the February 26, 2019 Working Agreement goal planning, performance observation, and final evaluation forms pilot until school year 2020-2021 (attached hereto as Exhibit 3). The evaluation committee shall resume meeting during the 2019-2020 school year to draft language to support the pilot forms. The goal of the evaluation committee is to present updated contract language for article 11 when negotiations begin for 2020-2021.

8. There shall be no reopener negotiations for 2019-2020. Both parties shall sunshine their proposals for school year 2020-2021 by March 27, 2020. Negotiations shall commence within 30 days after the sunshining process is complete.

9. Both parties shall take this agreement for ratification as a package and shall support ratification. No single element of this package shall be voted on separately. Should both parties not approve this agreement in its entirety, the entire agreement shall be null and void.

There will be a general meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 3rd at 3:30 in room 8 at San Cayetano to go over the tentative agreement in more detail. Voting will commence at each site beginning Wednesday, Dec. 4th - Friday, Dec. 6th. Votes will be counted at 3:30 at San Cayetano on Monday, December 9th. All members are encouraged to attend to witness the count.