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City of Fillmore

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Post Date: 03/18/2020 9:57 PM

To our Active Adult Center Seniors, due to the growing concerns about the COVID-19 Virus and the closure of the Active Adult Center, the City of Fillmore will be providing meals to those who are in need and qualify under the guidelines established by the Ventura County Agency of Aging listed below:

Congregate eligibility requirements for the Senior Nutrition Program:

A. Congregate Meals

Individuals eligible to receive a meal at a congregate nutrition site are:

1. Any older individual;

2. The spouse of an older individual;

3. A person with a disability, under age sixty (60) who resides in housing facilities occupied primarily by older individuals at which congregate nutrition services are provided; and

4. A disabled individual who resides at home with and accompanies an older individual who participates in the program.
Definitions. “Older individual” means a person sixty (60) years of age or older.

If you would like to request a meal or know someone in the community who is in need, please contact Marie Garfio at 805-524-3030 or Julie Latshaw at 805-524-1500 ext. 234 to request a meal. Please note that if you are not part f the County’s database, you will be requested to complete an intake form. If you would like to get a head start in completing the intake form, please download, print, print and return the form to marfio@fillmoreca.gov. Intake form. Deliveries are expected to take place next week.

For more information concerning the Active Adult Center please call 805-524-3030.