Santa Clara River Conservancy Announces Plans for Fillmore Fish Hatchery

The Santa Clara River Conservancy, together with UCSB and Stillwater Sciences, has just released its planning design for the restoration of the 278 acres site in back of the Fillmore Fish Hatchery. Once a watercress farm, this document outlines the plan to restore this site to native habitat, including public access hiking trails down to the river.

This Sespe-Cienega site is very special in a number of ways. In addition to being part of the Santa Clara River, one of the longest still natural process rivers in the state, this Sespe-Cienega site is a location with a unique water flow of artesian springs, bringing water right to the surface. In fact, that is why the Fillmore Fish Hatchery was originally built here. This makes it a key location for wildlife in the area.

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