Kenneth C. Mumme (1923-2017)

Kenneth C. Mumme (1923-2017)

January 12, 1923 – April 26, 2017
Kenneth Mumme, 94, passed away peacefully April 26, surrounded by friends and family. Kenneth was born on Jan. 12, 1923, in Oxnard, Calif., to Caesar T. and Susan Mumme. He lived in Fillmore, Calif., until 1971 and has lived in Sheridan until his death.
Kenneth married his childhood sweetheart, Constance Holley, in 1946. They were married 66 years before Connie passed away in 2012. Kenneth and his wife are survived by three sons, Daniel, Robert and Christopher Mumme, and a daughter, Holley Gilliam. He often lovingly referred to his children as his three thorns and a rose.
Kenneth has eight grandchildren: Brandon Mumme, Trista Mumme Dietz, Erin Leonard, Patrick Mumme, Kathryn Colado, Adam Becker-Hafnor, Joel Hafnor and Andrew Hafnor. Patrick Mumme predeceased him in 2012. He is survived by seven great grandchildren: Shyann Mumme, Zachary Mumme, Gabriel Mumme, Jeffrey (JJ) Dietz, Bailey Dietz, Harper Leonard and Jack Leonard.
Kenneth attended California Polytechnic University, San Dimas, until he joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1942 to fight in the Pacific in World War II. He returned from the war in 1945 and worked in Fillmore for Seaside Oil Company. Hearing the call from his country, he returned to active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1950, serving in the Korean War and returning to civilian life after being honorably discharged in 1951, at which time he returned to work for Seaside Oil Company and then Union Oil. The service of his country in the Marine Corps remained an important influence on his life. He read numerous books about World War II and Korea. In 2015 he participated in the Honor Flight, visiting those memorials in Washington, D.C., dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of those who served in World War II.
Always an outdoor person, Kenneth was an avid hunter and fisherman. He and Connie took a vacation to Montana in the late 1960s and they fell in love with the state. They moved to Sheridan in 1971, accompanied by their two youngest children. Over the years, they owned and operated the Maddison Market and the Sheridan Bakery as well as the KOA campground in Alder. A hard-working person, Kenneth often worked 12 hour days. Even in his later years, he worked tirelessly as a house painter, often donating his services.
Kenneth enjoyed the serenity the mountains and rivers that Montana provided him. He was an excellent marksman and fly fisherman. In the spring and summer, in the hours after work, one could often find him fishing on the Ruby River. In the fall he was an avid hunter. He enjoyed nature, with the simplicity and beauty it provided.
An affable person, Kenneth was well liked and had many friends. He was a man of action with a strong sense of justice. While living in Sheridan, Kenneth was an active member of the Methodist Church and the American Legion.
A decisive individual, Kenneth was always willing to step in and take charge in difficult situations. Once, while hunting in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, he came upon the site of a plane crash containing three deceased passengers. He triangulated the location and assisted a helicopter search team in locating the crash site. Searchers indicated that they had been attempting to locate the crash site for more than a year.
Kenneth lived his last five years at Home Park Assisted Living in Sheridan, where he was lovingly cared for. He often referred to Tony and Emily Simonsen, Home Park owners, as his adopted children – an additional thorn and rose.