Letters to the Editor
April 19, 2012

To the Editor:
A sincere "thank you" for creating and maintaining the Fillmore Historical Museum. Because of this wonderful museum, we were able to take my Dad, Jim Fortner, on an unforgettable trip down memory lane for his 87th birthday. Although his family moved to San Diego over 70 years ago, he remembers his childhood in Fillmore with nonstop smiles and fond stories.
This visit was also made possible thanks to the email correspondence of Martha Gentry of the Fillmore Historical Museum and the amazing tour given to us by Susan Cuttriss. Susan graciously welcomed us to the museum and then proceeded to share items that triggered sentimental memories for my Dad. Through pictures, memorabilia, yearbooks and her own knowledge, Susan was able to transport my Dad to his days in Fillmore as she helped him to recall childhood friends, teachers, community members, marching in the school band, his days on the football field. This trip down memory lane was better than any travel in the world!
"Thank you" to everyone who made this experience possible.
Susan Ferguson