Letters to the Editor
April 21, 2016

To the Editor:
Dear Readers,
Good morning! My name is Gabby G. I am a fifth grade student at Harlan Intermediate School in Harlan, Iowa. My class is studying the geography and history of the United States. I am excited to learn about your state of California! I would really appreciate it if you would send me information, souvenirs, or postcards on your amazing state. My teacher, Mrs. Newlin, would like a car license plate, if possible, for a school project. I really appreciate your time and look forward to learning more about California! Thank you!!
Gabby G.
Mrs. Newlin’s S.S. Class
Harlan Intermediate School
1401 19th St.
Harlan, IA 51537
(Note form Mrs. Newlin: Nothing can equal the encouraging letters, beautiful picture postcards, and exciting historical information you send to them. Thank you very much!)