Letters to the Editor
April 9, 2015

To the Editor:
Hi Fillmore and Happy Spring to you all!
I thought of stopping the updates on the Chevron superfund project but just when I think that then someone comes up to me asking to know what is going over there. So here’s what I have been told. In the remediation meeting two months ago we had Elaine Freeman talk to us about the part LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission) plays into the development with in the county and on this project. The information was nice but I take it with a grain of salt since she is also a consultant for Chevron while serving on the LAFCo committee. The thing I found most interesting is that Chevron now comes to the meetings with a group of about 6 people to these meetings. I wonder why? Most meetings that I attend for school, community or church there are 3 at most running meetings, guess they have more money to spend on things like this.
This last month’s Remediation meeting we had a gentleman named Dan who is a engineering geologist who came and talked to us about the San Cayetano fault and how it will impact the Chevron project(Fillmore Works project). If you do not know where this fault line runs it is at the base of the hill that the Fillmore F sits on, right behind San Cayetano School and runs north to south. It runs around the base to about the 126 and then turns to the east. After a lot of information it was reported that the fault is considered an active fault from Piru through Fillmore and then up to Ojai. Structures for human occupancy would need to be set back 100 feet from this fault line. I questioned that if the plans were to be developed as to the specific plans that were submitted then the main road artery wound be on this fault line and if there were a sizeable earthquake then the road may not be accessible to emergency personal who would need to help people on that side of the site. I was told by Leslie that other smaller roads would also be scattered thru out the site. Leslie was also asked what was to happen now with this new information and we were told that other ideas were being looked into.
Next month’s meeting is to be held April 27th @ 5:30 senior center. We hope to have a rep from ATSDR with the health report (waiting since 2013) but we will see what happens. The public workshops that the community is invited to participate in have not had a date set, but will be done after the city reviews stuff. We were told to look for the ERI report to come out in the fall.
I hope this helps keep you in the know,
Kathy Pace