Letters to the Editor
December 12, 2013

To the Editor:
I was delighted when the College Board recognized Fillmore for its Advanced Placement (AP) District Honor Roll. This is actually a Fillmore High School award.
The students from the Class of 2013 and their teachers earned this award. Over the three year period, for which FHS was evaluated, these students took the majority of the tests. I know that as juniors several students earned AP Scholar acknowledgment, and the majority of them will earn AP Scholar with Honors or Distinction for their senior year.
As much as the current district administrators say that the counselors and teachers do not push our students, I believe this award vindicates the FHS staff.
Under the leadership of Mr. Wilber, the previous principal, teachers were encouraged to participate in AP training so the courses are approved by the College Board. Mr. Wilber created master schedules where classes are available to all students.
The AP teachers at FHS are Mrs. Francis, Mr. Bauer, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Juarez, Ms. Kim Tafoya, Mr. Steven Kandel, Ms. Huxtable, Mr. Sebek, Mr. Dollar, and Ms. Hoffman.
The counseling team for the Class of 2013 at FHS headed by myself, which included Mrs. Palacio, Mrs. Wyand, and Mrs. Larin worked very hard to instill confidence into the students that they are capable of enrolling in AP courses.
Congratulations to those talented AP Scholars, and the FHS teachers and counselors who worked so hard with them.
Karen Ashim, Retired Head Counselor, Fillmore High School
MS Counseling and Guidance
MS School Administration