Letters to the Editor
December 15, 2016

[extracted part of letter] To the Editor:
I wanted you to know continued activities I am working with Cal Trans. While the stop light at Mountain View is a wonderful upgrade for Fillmore, it is only the beginning of providing safety for our City, and particularly our school children and elderly. They, walk the path from the El Dorado Mobil home park to school and shopping. There are 302 homes in the park and roughly 1400 people living here. We depend on being able to safely walk or drive out of this residential area.
There are no sidewalks or other recognized safe passage routes for these people to rely on.
My quest is to get Cal Trans to provide additional traffic flow speed/controls between Pole Creek and our eastern border, the rail road tracks. What ever means they may have at their disposal is a plus from this present day situation.
I can not understand frankly why this is given silent treatment by our Fillmore residents, City government, and our local police department. May be, unless you live at this end of Fillmore it is not a priority.
I know there are some who have been residents since birth; apparently they are used to uncontrolled speed in this area. The good ole days ended when the city authorized the school and the major home development going on south of Hwy 126. Adding to the increase of our own city/contribution, there is significant traffic volume from Santa Clarita through our City. Something other than potential death of a person must be the criteria for safety protocols to be observed and implemented.
Raymond Brown Sr.


To the Editor:
I was breezing through your usually humorous editorials today for some laughs and noticed that, perhaps in your excitable state, must have overlooked that the marijuana proposition that passed in California is #64, not as you write twice 65. Maybe your age is creeping up on you...
Also, your comments on Mitt were so interesting, but his name is spelled Mitt, not as you wrote- Mit. Maybe you were just placing little teasers for us to notice??
An old adage comes to mind when I read your editorials about politics. When it comes to left wing politics in California, I say to you "Love it or leave it". If you remember a number of years ago, Republicans were powerful in California. Then it became popular to bash the immigrants of the time. The then-governor tried to change the policies, and the electorate threw out the Republicans on a grand scale. The state has been Democratic since, much to your lament.
You should hope this doesn't happen on a national or international scale, as your Pres.-elect is on a course to do.
And I suppose you fail to appreciate the tenant of the separation of church and state, an idea this country was founded on, when you rail against a legal provision designed to keep church leaders from political preaching to the congregation. You seem to forget the immigrants that came here from the old countries, many to escape religious persecution. Perhaps you should check your facts before attempting to give us your wisdom in "Realities"
[letter was submitted by un-signed email author]

Response to un-signed letter to editor.
Amazing how bold some letter writers can be, especially when they shy away from signing their names. Usually we don't print anonymous letters without special circumstances. But I can't resist this one.
I'm glad you find my editorials humorous. Humor is good. And I'm glad that you are a regular reader. We will try to keep you entertained, especially during the holiday season.
Age is indeed a factor in some of my editorial; I've been doing this for 30 years and I certainly do get weary sometimes. I addressed this factor and the incorrect Proposition number a while back. It was corrected on line.
But I make no apologies for my criticism of California's Leftist-liberal condition. Being a fourth generation, with fifth generation kids, from the state, I have a clear view of what has happened in California. "Love it or leave it"? Truly I would leave but for long-time commitments.
I have no time today to comment of the state of the Democrat Party. It has withered away, except in places like California and New York. And I must tell you I revel in learning of the nearly two BILLION dollars lost in the effort to push Hillary Clinton into the White House. All lost, together with the seven tons of fireworks placed on the dock in New York - never to go bang. As I said a week or two ago - Yippy! The State of California will soon disintegrate by spontaneously combusting in the pile of radical-liberal policies the Democrat Party has concocted.
You have no understanding of the so-called "separation of church and state" clause. The Founding Fathers were clearly rejecting the establishment of a national church - as England has to this day, which is supported by taxes from her subjects. Wish I had more time for this. Our First Amendment trumps any freakish, so-called "Johnson Amendment". Churches must speak out to abide by our Founders plan - and GOD'S.
Later - no more time.
Martin Farrell
The Fillmore Gazette