Letters to the Editor
February 10, 2011

To the Editor:
At the risk of forgetting to mention many worthy businesses, I want to share that I'm discovering anew that Fillmore does have a lot to offer. We really don't need to drive out of town for a good meal or something to do. Just lately I had the most delicious potato salad at Central Station - as close to the one my mom made as can be found. And Double AA has a great roasted vegetable salad -so good! It's quite special to be able to have "high tea" available within walking distance at Bella's. One could easily spend a week enjoying the museum - many, many Fillmore stories and pictures. Being home to the Fillmore Western Railway is certainly a bragging right despite having to stop for its crossings! Reading the article about Bert Rapp and what he said about the connection between local services and taxes made me more aware that we really should try Fillmore first before we hop in the car and go!
Susan M. Cuttriss