Letters to the Editor
February 24, 2011

To the Editor:
Tillie Spitler was involved in so many different areas that happy memories of her will live in the hearts of all those fortunate enough to know her We knew her best as a board member of our Santa Clara Valley Hospice/ Home Support Group. Tillie helped represent the Fillmore Area and was conscientious about all information about the services being were publicized in the Fillmore area. She also made sure everyone had an opportunity to purchase tickets for our many fundraising events.
Many of you will remember Tillie, looking adorable, in her sunbonnet at a card table outside Von’s Market, with the information about our Light Up a Life Tree of Life. She was instrumental in our being able to add a Tree Lighting Ceremony in Fillmore. Tillie usually showed up at our very early morning board meetings with little muffins. She initiated many projects with her creative ideas. She had a quick brain, wonderful sense of humor and her enthusiasm was contagious.
We will all miss Tillie very much!
Cathy Barringer
Past President Santa Clara Valley Hospice/Home Support Group