Letters to the Editor
February 3, 2011

To the Editor:
Fillmore High School hosts a Beautification Day twice a year to improve our facility. Staff, students, and the community get together to pull weeds, prune roses, rake leaves, scrape gum from the sidewalk, and undertake other general upkeep tasks. The last Beautification Day was a success! Eighty five students from the local schools volunteered to make Fillmore High School a better place. We assembled twenty two new tables that the Associated Student Body of 2010- 2011 purchased to provide more tables for the students to have a place to sit. We pulled weeds, raked leaves, pruned, roses and scraped gum. The photos were taken by our wonderful photographer Nicole Camarillo.
Kind Regards,
Chloe Keller


To the Editor:
My daughter went online to view [an] excellent [feature at www.fillmoregazette.com]. Unfortunately we saw a very offensive video showing Nancy Pelosi getting smashed over the head with a hammer. As a mom of a daughter, I don’t appreciate that the Gazette thinks it is amusing and encourages violence and hatred towards women. I will never buy another Gazette.
Requesting that my name and address be unknown to avoid being bashed by the Gazette.
(The Gazette here and now officially bans ‘Anonymous’ from ever buying anther issue of the Gazette.)