Letters to the Editor
February 6, 2014

To the Editor:
Dear Fillmore Citizens,
Well here is the latest in the saga of the not needed Chevron development in Fillmore. We the neighbors have had a bit of a break over the winter from the dust noise and smell since they have stopped working. The plan is to start up again in the spring. So what do I have to complain about, well it has come to my attention that if the City Council does ok Chevron to be annexed (added to our city limits as they currently are not) into our city then the City will assume any and all problems that arise. I asked two different law firms to verify this and they said the information was correct. One firm stated “To build a business park on a contaminated site is a dangerous move, because it opens up liability to the City for future claims, including health claims” This would include the neighbors who have talked about laws suites against Chevron for health and other issues. Does our City really want all these problems? My next current issue is that Chevron has left a 20 foot hill over looking my yard and if plans go through then it will be graced with a building 15-25 feet high. Chevron said that they will landscape it to soften it. I don’t know of any trees that tall, with the exception of the sequoias which I do not belive live in our region. The neighbors to the south of me have a desert scape to look at and receive dust when we get high winds. Are these actions of “Good Neighbors”? I say they are not. Just a few weeks ago The VC Star reported on the earthquake that hit Fillmore and how we have recovered. One of the pictures shown is of the site where a building fell down and is STILL empty. It has been 20 years and still nothing is there and Chevron thinks that their Business Park & Industrial park will do better. We don’t need it. We don’t need another vacant lot in town, worse yet vacant buildings. Who would be doing the up keep on such a place? The city is having trouble keeping up with what we already have. My Last question is why does the City feel this is a good idea? Can anyone answer this question? New jobs are what Chevron says they want to help bring to Fillmore, but there is no guarantee this will happen. So again, why is this thought to be a good idea? Some of you don’t have an issue with any of this one way or the other, so I ask you to help us, the neighbors who live with this mess day in and day out when work is being done. Help us get this stopped so that we can have our lives and homes back to normal without fear for our family’s health and well being.
Ways to help us is by contacting the Fillmore City Council and letting them know what you think about this information and the project and/ or sign a petition that is going around town by The Fillmore Superfund Watch Committee:fillmoreswc@gmail.com
Call me if you would like more information.
Thank you for your time again
Kathy Pace