Letters to the Editor
January 21, 2016

To the Editor:
Until I read the Fillmore's Gazette's coverage of the January 12, 2016 City Council Meeting, in particular the piece regarding the presentation of Board Member, Bill Morris of the Fillmore Fire Foundation to the City Council, I was very open minded to the discussions circulating around town as to what could have precipitated the death of Chief Landeros! I know Chief Landeros, my friend, is gone and is not coming back! What I can't reconcile, in my mind, is why?
The Community is rampant with rumors, but one predominant rumor is at the forefront and that involves the very body that has been elected to oversee the operations of this City. Bill Morris's presentation as a board member for the Fillmore Fire Foundation, and the presence of the entire Foundation Board, four (including Bill) are prominent businessmen and one an education administrator, at his side has shifted my thoughts towards that one particular rumor! Could it be that the City Council was doing their job as the electorate voted them to do? Or, is there one rogue among them that may have gone too far in his/her role as a council member and encouraging the other council members to follow?
How does a Community recover from a tragedy the magnitude of the loss of our respected and beloved Fire Chief Rigo Landeros? Fillmore is like many other small towns where the passing of a person as high profile as Chief Landeros is a huge event in the lives of everyone who knew him, or has been touched by him in his service to the Community! Unlike members of the City Council, or most of the city officials, you would be hard pressed to find anyone within the Santa Clara Valley who couldn't tell you the name of our Fire Chief! The Community will insist on knowing the "why" this tragedy even occurred! It is my hope we do!
Like most rumors there is generally a thread of truth in them. My hope is that there is an investigation to determine the truth so that terms such as; Hostile Environment in the workplace! Bullying in the workplace! And, culpability are fully investigated! The investigation, or a lawsuit, won't bring Chief Landeros back to his Family and this Community, but it may help us understand how this fine man left this Community so early in his life and with so much more left for him to do and people to touch!
Richard A. Diaz


To the Editor:
I want to thank you for the coverage of Chief Rigo Landeros, in Thursday’s Gazette.
While I recognize that your personal association with Rigo provides you with ever more depth and understanding of this outstanding human being, your views and Dave Rowlands only clarify and add value to my views of him.
I am a 48 year resident of Ventura County, nine of those years here in Fillmore. My years of living here preclude me, as compared to other Fillmore residents, from having had the good fortune of closer ties with Rigo.
I have participated in City activities including being on the Fillmore Film Commission, and a resident representative of Fillmore on the Ventura County Civil Grand Jury. In those endeavors I had the privilege of working with Rigo to facilitate assignments that came from those organizations. Just walking up to him got me a man-made smile of genuine camaraderie, a "good to see you, what can I do to help, you betcha".
Initially the response was some what shocking. I expected the usual smile and maybe no procrastinations just, "sure let’s do it!!”
With one particular instance, the Grand Jury wanted to have a ride along with the Fire Department. I asked Chief Rigo if we could ride with his Station instead of the County Fire Unit, here in Fillmore. The answer was a resounding Yes.
Unfortunately as the date for the ride along moved out, because of unforeseen requirements; the date was in peril because upgrade of the Fillmore fire station kitchen fell on the ride along date. Chief Landeros arranged with the County station to accommodate the ride. Talk about stepping out for his fellow man.
As many residents of Fillmore, I saw him frequently in the City all hours of the day and night. He most times came to the El Dorado mobile home park with his emergency crews, right there working with them to provide assistance as they needed it.
I felt a bond with this man, a real collaborative friend and Son of Fillmore.
Thank you again
Raymond S Brown Sr.