Letters to the Editor
January 26, 2017

To the Editor:
I received our edition of the paper yesterday and I have been reading the letter regarding the legalization of marijuana, or rather the much protested letter to NOT legalize marijuana.
Each to his own opinion, however, I want to say that no one asked me and I highly resent someone speaking for me.
This how I see this problem. Marijuana has been around since the beginning of time. Down through the centuries many people have used this herb for medicinal purposes, it has been used in rope, sandals and clothing. If pioneers, native americans, and those who lived during the witch trials, would know that marijuana is an herb and along with this particular herb others were used in medicinal purposes and I am sure they were used for other things as well.
We have many laws and as each one is passed, they add up. To my knowledge, as a county, and for the city of Fillmore, my guess is that we do not have the man power to cover all those laws including the one for marijuana. As I said, it's medicinal properties have been proven time and again for those who suffer tremendously in pain with several types of cancer. My guess would be that those who put the letter together, when one of theirs are in such pain, that they would look into anything that would ease their loved ones suffering.
I do not appreciate anyone speaking for me, because no one asked for my opinion on this and as for a business venture involving marijuana, for those interested, GO FOR IT.
Personally, everything mentioned in the letter I do not agree with it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, legalizing marijuana is not the end of the world, and those who need it, can purchase it without fear that they will be arrested for the possession of it.
For the representatives of Safeguard Fillmore, speak only for those that agree with you. I DO NOT!!
Thank You
Toni Techau