Letters to the Editor
January 7, 2016

[Paying it forward... Around the holidays the Gazette received an anonymous letter containing five $20 bills. Here is the letter:]
Dear Fillmore Gazette, Enclosed you will find $100 dollars in $20’s, I am hoping you can help me do a good deed. I have always seen the crossing guard’s everyday protecting the kids, they stant out there for hours. Sometimes in 100 degree weather and other in 40 degree weather in rain, and heavy winds. As a small gesture I would like to give them a Christmas gift of $20 dollars to spend however they want. I wish I could give more but this is all I can at this time. If memory serves me well I know of 4 crossing guards; one by the gym, one on 126 by Jiffy Lube, one at Shields Park, and one at San Cayetano. I think I covered all of them and added an extra $20 in case I missed one. Any money left over please send to One Step a La Vez Youth Program. A happy person paying it forward P.S. I am not related to any of these people. Just an act of kindness.” With the Gazette staff’s busy holiday schedule and personal lives, and the closing of the schools for the holidays, we have not been able to deliver all of the kind gifts as yet. Crossing Guard Concepcion Santa Rosa, at Hwy 126 and A Street received her gift and was very appreciative. The others will be delivered ASAP.
Thank you to the kind and generous stranger.