Letters to the Editor
July 12, 2012

To the Editor:
One gross error of Patti Walker at the June 27th council meeting was to compare Mayor Gayle Washburn’s recent heavy handed dealing of our City Attorney with the way that we transitioned from City Attorney Roger Meyers to Ted Schneider when I served as Mayor. Let’s compare facts. Mayor Washburn called a Senior Partner in the firm and effectively banned our City Attorney from attending any future meetings. She never spoke to City Attorney Ted Schneider directly. Today she still hasn’t that I’m aware of. As Mayor, and with Mrs. Walker’s encouragement, I approached City Attorney Roger Meyers directly and we discussed a transition plan for a new City Attorney with him personally. He was supportive of the plan and referred Ted Schneider as our future City Attorney. In Mayor Washburn’s case she pulled the rug out from under our qualified City Attorney and didn’t have the decency to even discuss it with him. Mrs. Walker is once again parsing words and misleading the public.
Steve Conaway