Letters to the Editor
July 28, 2011

To the Editor:
Dear City Manager,
The purpose of my correspondence is to inform you about the excellent job being done at the Fillmore Aquatic Center. Lori McDonnell and her team are amazing.
I am an avid swimmer. I started doing lap swim as soon as the pool reopened the 1st of February. I appreciate that the pool opens at 6:30 a.m. Doing my laps first thing in the morning really kick starts my day. If work or anything else prevents me from going in the morning, I have another opportunity to swim in the evening.
This weekend my four year old granddaughter was here from Oceanside and I took her to family swim. We had so much fun in the children's play area. The staff was wonderful, they never disappoint. Again, I commend Lori and her team at the Aquatic Center for doing such a great job!!
With best regards,
Kathy Meza

Dear Business Owner:
Believe it or not it’s that time again “FILLMORE FLASHES FOOTBALL AND FALL SPORTS”. This is the time of year when we start to look to our community to help us make this a successful year for the Sports Program at Fillmore High School. The Fillmore High School Athletic Boosters is an organization run completely by unpaid volunteers, which include board members, parents, coaches and many other adults who donate their time. Everyone is dedicated to the advancement of Fillmore High School Sports at all levels of play.
We are starting early this year on the Football Program and that is why we need your help. We are seeking local businesses that would be interested in placing an "AD" in this years "FILLMORE FLASHES FALL SPORTS PROGRAM".
Here's looking to another successful year at Fillmore High School.
Susan Golson, 216-4013
Program Coordinator