Letters to the Editor
June 12, 2014

To the Editor:
I dislike being labeled a "complainer" so am always reluctant to write letters of this nature. I have found in the past the best way to get something done is to let the public know what the problem is and who's job it is to resolve that problem. When an entity knows that not just one person, but many, are aware of something that needs correction they tend to sit up, take notice and hopefully do something about it.
Having lived in Fillmore for all of my seventy-nine years I consider Fillmore my home. I want to see it hopefully prosper, if not that, at least not back-slide. Thus I am especially aware of anything that could cost the City financially. I will never criticize unless I have an answer to back it up.
About three months ago I noticed the "rules and regulations" posted sign at the Three Rivers Skateboard Park was missing. Some of you are saying, "So what, it isn't obeyed anyhow." This is just the point, to my knowledge that sign is there to inform the users of the park of the dangers and how to minimize them. By having the sign in full view the city is not liable if someone gets hurt because of not adhering to those rules.
Now...... for about three months that I am aware of there has been no "warning sign," this could make the city liable in case of injury. I had concerns years ago, when the skateboard park was first constructed and saw the users were not complying with the rules. So I called the city attorney. He informed me that if there was a rules sign in place and the city did not monitor the park the for safety violations the city was not liable. This places the liability fully on the users.
Why didn't I bring the missing sign to the attention of the city.......I did, about one month ago. After being referred to the one in charge of "signs," he did remember that the sign was taken down because of excessive graffiti and he would have to dig it out and get a new one made. Dig it out? Sounds as though this was not high on the important things to do priority list. Well, that was over a month ago, still no "sign" and the city seems not too concerned about a liability suit......I am and that is why I informed all of you in hope that, if this is what it takes, to "shame" the city into correcting the matter.
Don't mess with Big John...
I ♥ Fillmore
John Heilman