Letters to the Editor
June 16, 2016

To the Editor and Fillmore Community:
Hello once again. I want to bring all those that are interested up to date regarding a Dog Park in Fillmore. First, those involved with pursuing and establishing the dog park have met again to walk the property the dog park would be located. It was a very productive meeting and walk about. The designated area will be great and will have two separate areas for big and small dogs. We discussed the various entities that could be included and the kind of sponsorship possibilities we may be able to offer for those that want to support our endeavor. A couple examples are having park benches that are donated and would have a plaque with the donors name and a short description of their dog or dogs. Another possibility, would be a substantial donation by, let’s say, a corporation or other business could have their business posted on the existing water tower. We still need many more people to be involved securing donations of either funds, materials, signage, or labor. Please get out the word of our project and secure donations of one kind or other. I want to express my gratitude to the City Counsel for all their effort and support with making this dog park a possibility. Thank you.
Again, donations can be given to Annette Cardona, Community Services Supervisor, City of Fillmore (805)524-1500 X216 or Dmitri Gurkweitz (805) 512-2153.
Dmitri Gurkweitz


To the Editor:
Do you know how hard it is to get a CCW in California, even in one of the few counties you can apply for one? Here are some facts regarding myself and applying for a CCW. I am 70 years old, and I’ve never been arrested, have had maybe three or four moving violations in my entire life, and served this country in Vietnam. I have saved a woman’s life in a car accident, held CCW for 10 years in Virginia, never pulled my weapon out in all 10 years not even when I was being threatened with a claw hammer, and put my life at risk as a volunteer fireman for more than five years. I have supported law-enforcement, worked with the Bristol Police Department with a terrorist, and I have served and been active in community projects everywhere I have lived. Presently I am working with the city of Fillmore to establish a dog park, nor have I been in trouble for anything outside of verbal confrontation. I don't know why they said I "lack good moral character." This really upsets me because they could have given me any other reason; living in the wrong area, I was too old, I belong to a criminal organization, or a dozen other things. But a lack of good character? So there you go, it’s kind of like the Nazis controlling our second amendment rights for absolutely no reason other than they can! I will be contacting the sheriffs department requesting some detail information as to why they found me lacking of good moral character. And by the way whether you are a democrat or a republican who legally own guns, and don't want them taking away through political underhanded manipulation and lies, you better not put Hillary in Office. For those who think she won’t only push for more gun control in the way of registration, she will work towards disarming you altogether, you are kidding yourselves. She is the nightmare the law-abiding citizens have the right to fear. This country is being ruled by those that are no better than criminals themselves, especially Obama and Hillary.
Dmitri Gurkweit
A law biding citizen!
VIETNAM VETERAN 1967-1968 and Proud of it!