Letters to the Editor
June 21, 2012

To the Editor:
[The following is Fillmore City Councilmember Steve Conaway's statement to the council at the June 19, 2012 City Council Meeting]
Tonight I speak as a citizen. To say that Fillmore is experiencing problems is an understatement. We have serious budgetary issues. We have ongoing litigation issues. We have lost all employees with historical knowledge of city activities. These employees were laid off only to be replaced by consultants. Many people question the wisdom of the decisions and recommendations being made to the council.
The latest snafu took place on Monday. Mayor Gayle Washburn called the City Attorney’s office. She basically banned the City Attorney from attending City Meetings. That is why Steve Lee is here tonight. Her justification for taking such egregious action has something to do with his relationship with a former city employee. It’s 2012 folks, an individual’s personal life is none of your business. At the last council meeting viewers observed the City Attorney correct a misstatement by the City Manager. That is the job of the City Attorney.
The public deserves to know what makes you think you can do such things? Besides the City Manager, you Mayor must have had other council members support before you took such action. Regardless of what the Mayor says she has overstepped the limits of her position.
I say the actions taken by the Mayor are simply flat out wrong. This action shows terrible judgment and appears to be nothing more than a personal vendetta being executed. The city owes Mr. Schneider and his firm an apology for the improper actions taken.
Steve Conaway