Letters to the Editor
June 30, 2011

To the Editor:
Madame Mayor,
I could not believe my eyes or ears while watching the council meeting on June 21, 2011. Mayor Washburn you stated that all city employees were not going to have a cut in salary. It made me realize that you must not know what’s really going on. Last year the employees had to take a cut that involved furlough days, I think that means a cut in pay! This year the city is taking more furlough days, cafeteria plan, PERS and I don't know what else from the employees -- that equals a great SALARY REDUCTION! The city has laid off employees with families, homes and they are bewildered at the future. I understand tough times but for you to sit at the meeting and try to tell the public about wage and job loss and make it sound trifle at the expense of these employees is NOT what I would expect from a Mayor. Now is the time to huddle together, offer support and make these employees realize they have the council support. To all employees that have been burdened with the fact that you have no job, insurance for your families, mental support, please know this, I am praying for all of you everyday and I appreciate the sacrifice that you have had to make. Please citizens of Fillmore pray for these families and know that tough times are ahead for all of them. Thank you.
Donneta Smallwood

To the Editor:
Summer is here. The weather is warm, the days are long and our local citizens and visitors are about the city enjoying the small town ambiance and good feeling. What could be a problem?
Has anyone from the city administration noticed the continued presence of about a half dozen individuals in varied states of drunkenness moving up and down the promenade? Has anyone needed the public bathroom and found it locked because these individuals have so consistently wrecked the inside and made it unsafe for the public? Does City Hall care? Do you care?
I spend many days at the museum very aware of the local surroundings. I hear the comments of the tourists who wonder why we allow the presence of these individuals. I see little children who have to walk past these individuals to go home or to downtown and know that I would not allow my grandchildren to travel alone down the promenade at any time. I spend some of my time cleaning up the mess they leave behind on museum property.
I do want to give my appreciation to the local sheriff’s deputies who come when called and patrol frequently to keep us all safe. But we need to make this blight on our community disappear. Report individuals with open bottles of alcohol who are drinking in public. Think twice about reducing the number of deputies on payroll. If you see a problem report it.
Let’s all help make Fillmore the safe community it should be.
Martha Gentry, Director Fillmore Historical Museum

To the Editor:
Team Gilbert’s Legacy Enchilada Dinner a Huge Success
Gilbert’s Legacy Relay for Life team had an enchilada dinner on Sunday, June 26, that was a huge success! All proceeds go the American Cancer Society. Gilbert’s Legacy relay team would like to Thank Albert and Christina Villasenor for donating and cooking all the delicious food. Also a big thank you to our Fire Chief Rigo Landeros, for his help and allowing us to use the fire station to distribute the dinners. To the community who came out to support this worthy cause, Thank You!
Just a reminder, the Fillmore/Piru Relay for Life is Saturday, September 17-18, 2011, at Shiells Park, starting at 10am. The community is invited to participate. For more information, please contact the American Cancer Society, 805-644-4237.
Pam Garcia