Letters to the Editor
June 9, 2016

To the Editor and Fillmore Community:
Hello once again. I want to bring all those that are interested up to date regarding a Dog Park in Fillmore.
First, those involved with pursuing and establishing the dog park have met again to walk the property the dog park would be located. It was a very productive meeting and walk about. The designated area will be great and will have two separate areas for big and small dogs. We discussed the various entities that could be included and the kind of sponsorship possibilities we may be able to offer for those that want to support our endeavor.
A couple examples are having park benches that are donated and would have a plaque with the donors name and a short description of their dog or dogs. Another possibility, would be a substantial donation by, let’s say, a corporation or other business could have their business posted on the existing water tower. We still need many more people to be involved securing donations of either funds, materials, signage, or labor. Please get out the word of our project and secure donations of one kind or other. I want to express my gratitude to the City Counsel for all their effort and support with making this dog park a possibility.
Thank you.
Again, donations can be given to Annette Cardona, Community Services Supervisor
City of Fillmore (805)524-1500 X216 or Dmitri Gurkweitz (805) 512-2153