Letters to the Editor
March 13, 2014

To the Editor:
There have been several disturbing issues with the administration at Fillmore High School over the last couple years. Many people have contacted board members & felt that significant problems have not been sufficiently addressed, if addressed at all, let alone corrected. We have a wonderful community here in Fillmore & we want to back up our children & their rights to a good education & a safe & growing learning environment. We have some incredible staff at all of our FUSD school sites, yet some major issues go seemingly untouched. We need your help. Please get involved.
If you have any issues in our Fillmore Unified School District & you would like to share with others who want to stand up for what is right, please email your thoughts or concerns to: WeCareMatters@yahoo.com
Thank you.
~Bringing parents & community members together
in pursuit & support of the best education in our FUSD schools.