Letters to the Editor
March 31, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion.
In an argument or mere discussion, one side sometimes conjures up the most outlandish, far-fetched, and yet apparently emotionally self-soothing, arguments designed to refute an opponent (giraffes? Shaquille?). Feelings that the LGBTQ community is somehow deviating from God’s will - and that you know God’s will for them - or that gender variation or sexuality is at their option, are more indicative of fear than of reason. It is difficult to talk anyone beyond fear, especially when it is irrational or not based in fact. Fear is primal. So, all that remains is to raise and argue an objection, reintroduce the truth that we are all on a journey to what we hope will be our best selves, and carry on. Until the next time. That aside, I am once again looking for the humor in our politics.
I caught Hannity’s rant on the shocking lack of patriotism and respect for the military shown by VP Kamala Harris who, when boarding Air Force Two, “failed to return salute” the military! Legal and military historians later explained that it would be technically improper, as the VP is not in the military chain of command. The “return salute" was adopted by the theatrically-inclined Ronald Reagan in the 80’s as a regular gesture. It was amusing to watch Hannity breathlessly reporting this terrible, scandalous, non-failure of the VP.
Joe Biden, in running up the stairs to Air Force One, slipped and fell a couple of times, got up, and continued on his way. Tucker Carlson castigated the press for failing to trumpet it as “Breaking News.” Our economic challenges, immigration issues, vaccine roll out, Covid relief package, and voter suppression should be subordinate to "the fall." An older man as was the last president, and their mishaps. That Tucky. What a card!
Ari Fleischer sarcastically pointed out that President Biden, in his first press conference, used 14-point print notes rather than wear glasses! Aha! Biden is so mentally-compromised that he had to have a large, tabbed folder of information for the presser. OMG, he was prepared for accurate answers to reporters’ questions! The last guy winged it, making it up as he went along (bleach!) and that went so well. Not sorry; I laughed.
Trump proclaimed, on the day and time of Biden's first presser, that the insurrectionists on January 6 hugged and kissed (!) the Capitol police officers and posed no threat. Relican Senator Ron Johnson said he would have only been afraid if the mob had been black. OK, I didn’t laugh at the lies and racist remarks. Some in the base will give both a pass.
But the knee-slapper was Sidney “Kraken” Powell, Trump’s lawyer who got thrown out of every court in the land for her arguments that the election was stolen by election machines set to ensure a Biden win. She was sued for defamation by the manufacturer of the machines. Her defense? That her court filings and public statements were so unbelievable that no reasonable person would accept them as true. They were political hyperbole and not meant to be factual.
His own lawyer had no idea if Trump's Election Big Lie was true but knew it would be taken as such by extremists. Not laughable. Sorry.
By Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
The 117th House of Representatives have passed HR 1 “For the People Act” relating to elections. It is now in the hands of the Senate which is equally divided. Currently each state legislation has the right to make election law as afforded it by the US Constitution. HR1 changes Article 4 of the Constitution by giving complete control of elections over to the House.
Not all of HR1 deals with voter rights. There are sections dealing with monies influence on elections and government accountability.
This is what it will do to voters rights: (1) when you apply for a drivers or non-drivers license in any state, or register with any state agency, you are automatically registered to vote, thereby giving 16- year-olds the right to vote; (2) opens windows to allow for DC to become a state, taking away its impartiality and we will be left without a centralized government; (3) allows for online and same day voter registration; (4) allows for ballot harvesting and (5), no identification is required whether voting at the box or absentee.
I’m not sure how requiring an ID is the root cause of voter suppression. You need an ID to travel by plane or Amtrak, open a bank account, buy or rent a car, visit a bar or liquor store, yet when it comes to voting that won’t be allowed.
You’re required to show your ID to receive the CV test or get the vaccine. Is that now raciest?
My position is those that are in favor of HR1 believe minorities are ignorant; they do not have the wherewithal to obtain any form of government issued ID. How insulting to all who are a minority.
HR1 will do the opposite of what the House is saying; it will end social justice and equality. Don’t give in to their quest or power. Don’t be a pawn to further their own interest.
Patti Walker,