Letters to the Editor
May 23, 2011

To the Editor:
The visual blight of large trucks and semi-trailers on Highway 126 and on neighborhood streets, in violation of local ordinances, continues to distress me. Our town looks more like an industrial parking zone, with the intersection of Central Avenue and Highway 126 being quite unattractive, hardly enticing to out-of-town visitors. It's depressed and depressing. And Fillmore could be making money as well as improving its "look". Create a truck parking area somewhere on a city property. Charge an overnight fee. Use shuttles to transport truckers into town for meals and shelter. As for the "entrance" to Fillmore, perhaps some entrepreneur can develop an idea to improve the area.
Another issue for me is the Southern California Edison Plan to convert to Smart Meters. I'm not yet sure what to believe about any potential threat to the community's health and safety. What I do very much resent is the typical company speak I heard at a recent City Council meeting where an Edison representative dismissed any and all local concerns with a disdainful attitude that implied that anyone in disagreement or opposition is simply stupid. An arrogant statement was then made that people could "opt out" - for a hefty charge and monthly fee of course; this because of the "added labor" to have someone continue to read meters. What has the power company been doing forever anyway? To me, this is a thinly disguised plan to reduce the labor force of Edison, thus increasing profits. Employees as well as customers have absolutely no influence on this matter.
Finally, as a resident of El Dorado Estates, I appreciate the moral stance of members of the Fillmore City Council to help in our legal dispute regarding condo conversion. But, I also regret the enormous financial burden this places on all residents of Fillmore. Why is it that, when Fillmore prevailed in several litigations against El Dorado's owner Nancy Watkins and her corporation, our town gets stuck for the entire bill? Seems grossly unfair to me.
Thanks for reading. Any thoughts?
Christopher J. Hoy