Letters to the Editor
May 31, 2012

To the Editor:
Re: Council Members Brooks, Sipes and Gonzales decision
Dear Editor,
As a tax payer and voting citizen of Fillmore I am concerned by the decision of Council members Brooks, Sipes and Gonzales. To continue spending tax payer dollars on a dead end lawsuit hurts the city. The city has already spent $250,000.00 dollars to defend its actions against the owners of El Dorado and what has that gained the city?
At every meeting we hear that the city no longer has discretionary money. The economy has had an impact on the city. The State dissolving of the Redevelopment Agency and transferring money from the city has also harmed the city. So at this difficult time why instigate another legal fight? The city can no longer afford to pay for these frivolous decisions. Part of the responsibility of the City Council is to make difficult decisions that will benifit the entire community, we would all like for the city to have the discrecionary funds to fight bully's, but in our current financial situation can we afford these battles. The question is if we do what is the cost to the rest of the community? in other words what service will have to be cut to pay for this lawsuit, fire, police or the like.
This being an election year it’s apparent that Mr. Brooks is trying to buy support with his vote. Mr. Sipes stated, “I have a fiduciary duty to protect the city”, he then contradicted himself and cast a fiscally irresponsible vote which harms the entire city. Mr. Gonzalez acknowledged that the city doesn’t have money to pay for the lawsuit. He acknowledges that he doesn’t know where to get the money, other than a bake sale. He said he will not be bullied and for that reason he voted to spend hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars which the city doesn’t have. (remember if the city looses the lawsuit we get to pay for the apposing sides attorneys fees on top of our own incurred fees) Mr. Gonzalez is new to the council and perhaps didn’t understand the ramifications of his decisions, or he accepted bad advice on the issue. All three Council Members need to conduct business for the greater good of the city, while we still have a city. I hope Mr. Gonzales knows how to bake. That’s a skill the city will need if better decisions aren’t made.
Douglas Tucker, a concerned citizen


To the Editor:
Re: Pride In America Day
Pride In America Day was celebrated at Fillmore Middle School on Friday, May 25. For eighteen years, students have demonstrated their patriotism and pride in our country with a day devoted to patriotic music, dance, inspirational messages and a moving tribute to our local veterans. The day ends with an American style picnic and games. For the past several years, science teacher Laurie Merrill has organized this special day and inspired students to make it better each year. I know that this requires hundreds of unpaid hours to accomplish. The veterans and community members who attended the assembly and lunch were enormously impressed with the students Mrs. Merrill had trained. There were many comments about their respectfulness and politeness. The veterans were especially impressed with how many students shook their hands and thanked them for their service.
As a former teacher, I have always been impressed with Mrs. Merrill. Among science teachers, she is the best of the best. Fillmore is truly blessed to have her. I have great appreciation for her dedication to making Pride In America Day so meaningful. Thank you, Mrs. Merrill for all that you do for the young people of our community. We are so fortunate to have you.